If you live in the state of Montana you are a client of the Montant Department of Transportation, whether you want to or not. The MDOT has to make scores of decisions affecting the lives of everyone in the state, often confusing and upsetting the very people they are serving. In order to inform their constituents, the MDOT commissioned Colormatics to create a series of multi-media videos spanning issues from budgeting and construction, ADA rules and regulations and the proper driving instructions for roundabouts.
Creative Production

Alongside our Partner at Big Sky PR, Colormatics created a video series to help build awareness and education for MDT's ADA improvement projects throughout the state. Made for both broadcast and social media, these awareness spots deliver information in a fun, humorous way. These spots generated awareness and enhanced progress on urban development.

“Working with Colormatics brought a whole new level of creativity and reassurance to our video project. We were able to elevate our services and create great content that resonated with the community.”Courtenay Sprunger - Principal/Big Sky PR
A Fun Way To Roundabout

Roundabouts are changing the roads for the better. But how do you drive on one? Colormatics was charged with creating videos that show how to drive on these road features for all motorists: cars, trailers, cyclist and more. But instead of shooting typical live action or animation, we got creative and created a full roundabout model with model cars for a fun, and informative, series of videos.

Funding & Timing
“"Montana has only two seasons, winter and road construction.”

How do you explain the complexities of federal, state and local road projects to a community dealing with multiple detours? That was the challenge presented to Colormatics by MDT. Working with Big Sky PR and supporting their communication strategy, Colormatics developed an animation vignette that captures your attention immediately, communicates clearly, and builds trust authentically.