A game-breaking creative services marketplace connecting buyers and sellers? Check. A memorable name with an extra consonant? Check. A multipronged video marketing plan spanning a variety of audiences, countries, and genres? Check. Since 2015, it has been a Colormatics responsibility to make sure the world's largest online marketplace for freelance services had a strong video marketing game. Through a myriad variety of projects, Colormatics has been the company Fiverr called when they needed to execute a new idea at the highest level. As Fiverr marketing manager Liron Smadja put it, "Before we began working with Colormatics, no one asked who our production company was. Now we get asked all the time."

Get Sh*t Done

When Fiverr wanted a series of conversion videos to acquire new buyers, they came to Colormatics to make it happen. For the series, we build eight set, created a series of custom website animations, cut 128 different videos for multiple platforms and audiences and found the perfect goat sound effect. When you need to Get Sh*t Done, Colormatics should be your first stop.
Fiverr Pro
When the price of your service is in the name of your company, it’s a big deal to launch a premium service where the best creators on your platform offer services that were once out of reach to anyone not working with an agency. A service that no longer costs $5. Fiverr asked Colormatics to create a launch video that profiled Fiverr Pro sellers and explained how the service would work in an exciting way.
Fiverr April Fools

Introducing the Doer Gene Test | Fiverr

Wondering if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Now you can know for sure. We’ve partnered with a leading genetics lab to create the first-ever #DoerGeneTest. #InDoersWeTrust

Posted by Fiverr on Saturday, March 31, 2018
Fiverr’s community of intelligent and engaged buyers and sellers are often looking for the next cutting-edge technology or service to make their busy entrepreneurial lifestyles easier. That’s why they make an excellent audience for April Fool’s Day videos lampooning that culture. In 2017 and 2018 that’s what Colormatics did, scripting launch videos for two fake products. Fiverr Connect, a dating service for entrepreneurs and the Fiverr DNA test, a test to find the Doer gene that predicts entrepreneurial success, both launched to widespread praise and even convinced some Fiverr team members of their existence! The DNA test landed Fiverr on Adweek's Best of April Fools Ads list alongside such heavy hitters as Netflix, Lego, and Charmin.
Fiverr X (Masterclass Series)
Fiverr x Wyclef Q&A | Fiverr

We're LIVE with legendary musician, actor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and #FiverrPro Wyclef Jean, talking about the business of music and the democratization of creativity.

Posted by Fiverr on Wednesday, August 9, 2018
Rob Janoff Master Class | Fiverr

We're live in NYC with legendary graphic designer and #FiverrPro Rob Janoff Studio. Follow along as Rob shares design secrets, business strategies, and details about the origins of the Apple logo. #InDoersWeTrust

Posted by Fiverr on Wednesday, March 28, 2018
When Fiverr was creating its first live streaming series to feature legendary Fiverr Pro sellers like musician Wyclef Jean and graphic designer Rob Janoff, they came to Colormatics to produce the stream. Using multiple cameras and live graphics, Colormatics put together a heavily produced live-switching stream that received over 250, 000 views and spun off a series of short videos recapping the events.
Fiverr Recruitment (Front End Developer and Business Intelligence Analyst)

How do you stand out in a crowded hiring environment? Take the same sense of humor and risk-taking sensibility from our April Fool’s videos to create a selection of unique recruitment videos meant not only to grab attention but to attract unique individuals to their most pressing recruitment needs.
Fiverr Buyers (Adam Marshall and Christina Dolan)

In a series of case study videos that dramatically increased Fiverr’s website conversions, we presented a vivid picture of Fiverr’s complex ecosystem of buyers and the incredible opportunities that have emerged for both suppliers and end users. The profiles established the core identity of the Fiverr customer: The Doer, a person who does not just have ideas but who makes them a reality and uses Fiverr to help execute at the highest level.

The beauty of our relationship with Fiverr is that we continually push the envelope, testing new services, techniques, and ideas. Colormatics is Fiverr’s first stop when someone in the marketing department says, I’ve got a crazy idea for a video. That drive has helped build both companies and continued to do so to this day.