Small schools and training operations have a difficult time standing out in a market dominated by large institutions, nation-wide chains, and influential regional players. Jersey College of nursing reached out to Colormatics to help them establish themselves as they expanded from one local school in northern New Jersey to five schools in multiple regions. Colormatics focused on a multipronged approach to creating brand awareness and converting potential students.
Circle of Life and Memory Lane

Colormatics created the character of Sophia to feature in two Jersey College commercials (Circle of Life and Memory Lane) that tell the story of a young woman’s journey to become a nurse. By creating a likable character that potential students could relate to, Jersey College became an educational destination they could see themselves attending. Over the six months Circle of Life commercial was aired, many students mentioned the Sophia character as their reason for enrolling in the school.
Many professional nurses can point to someone in their family who was also a nurse or other healthcare professional. This fact is why reminding potential students of the incredible history of nursing was an essential pillar of the video strategy developed by Colormatics. Seeing themselves, and their family, as part of an astonishing legacy inspired many to become interested in Jersey College’s offerings.
In addition to raising brand awareness, Colormatics also wanted to highlight the core value propositions of Jersey College. Code Is a commercial run in tandem with the brand awareness pieces to highlight one of their most important competitive advantages: Jersey College’s state of the art interactive labs.

With Colormatics, Jersey College experienced a marked increase in student applications and massive boost in online visibility in an extremely crowded landscape.