“Forget Everything You Know About Insurance. Instant everything. Killer prices. Big heart.”

How do you get the next generation excited about something as old-school as renter’s insurance? That was the challenge presented to Colormatics by Lemonade Insurance Company, a licensed insurance carrier offering homeowners and renters insurance powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. Working with and supporting Lemonade’s branding philosophy, Colormatics developed a campaign that would capture attention quickly, communicate clearly, and build a sense of trust authentically.
You've Got A Lot of Stuff - Animated Explainer

Our first goal was to create media that would brand Lemonade as fun and energetic, something unheard of in the insurance world. In collaboration with Lemonade, Colormatics created an animation explaining the critical differences between Lemonade and legacy insurers and how the product worked. The 1.5 million views established Lemonade as the leading insurer among Millenials.

Lemonaders of New York

Who tweets about insurance anyway? Lemonade partnered with Colormatics to meet the New York Lemonaders who loved their policy, creating personal testimonials about the positive effects of good design, excellent service, and a revolutionary new business model. Sleek, cinematic, and upbeat videos of current customers talking candidly about their experience with Lemonade gave us completely authentic social proof and legitimized the product for the next wave of Lemonade customers.