Marketing Solutions For Shelter in Place

At Colormatics, we take unique brand challenges and solve them with engaging strategic creative, a holistic deployment approach, and high-quality production. The internal commitment to push our product capabilities forward with cutting edge technology made us uniquely prepared for this moment in time. 

Here are two services we offer to help you further develop communication projects during a shelter in place.  


Need to get the word out and want to reach large groups? Live-streaming services are a must during this time. Learn more about our live-stream process.

Illustrative Animation

Whether creating an enhanced version of the mundane or a glimpse at the extraordinary, illustrated animation is a great approach that takes little to no onsite production. See our video animation process here.


Connecting with customers is now more critical than ever. The good news is millions of people around the globe are more connected and available today. Live-stream done right can be the current offering that sets you apart. With multiple cameras, live switching, real-time graphics overlay, and content captured for cutdowns and additional deliverables, our process was designed to take your video streaming efforts to the max.

Check out this Live-stream event we did for Fiverr:

Customers expect video at every step of the consideration process. Did you know?

80% of audiences would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog.
82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.
73% of B2B businesses using live video report positive results to their ROI.

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Animated Illustration

We have one goal in mind; To explain a complex product instantly while people have fun watching it. Today whether your creating an enhanced version of the mundane or a glimpse at the extraordinary, illustrated animation can be the best approach.

All these tools and more are at our disposal with the use of an Illustrated Animation. AI can be the perfect tool to distill complicated ideas while matching your distinct brand, whether that is a forty-year-old, esteemed financial service, or a brand new tech startup.

(AI) is also an excellent product for brands in the current climate surrounding the global response to covid-19. Today this is especially important as an Animated Illustration video can take place in a post environment, free of any onsite production.

Check out some of our recent (AI) projects:

73% of People are more likely to purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service.

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