Case Study

You in, Miami?

Commercial, Media Strategy , Production

In the 305

The $135 million FTX acquisition of Miami’s American Airlines Arena has ushered in a new era of crypto and basketball. Now home to the Miami Heat, the FTX Arena is bringing cryptocurrency to the world of sports fans and beyond!


The Prince of Miami

Udonis Haslem was the obvious choice as the main spokesperson for The Heat partnership. Prince of Miami and now the King of Crypto, UD has deep roots in the Miami community and is passionate about educating his fans about the power of cryptocurrency. He just has one question, ‘Are you in, Miami?’

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Crypto for All

With basketball season just around the corner, FTX knew they had to make an Impact. What better way than to dedicate a commercial to Miami’s colorful culture? From the domino players to the beach-goers, crypto is for everyone! Colormatics intended to capture all walks of life that make up Miami’s vibrant community.

Miami State of Mind

Filming 8 locations in 3 days required two different teams on the ground. With the help of Florida’s best crews, Colormatics filmed all throughout Miami, from Little Haiti to Coconut Grove. Oh, and one more thing…a final edit needed to be ready within 2 days after the shoot! Colormatics was up for the challenge, which is why we brought our Senior Editor on the shoot to begin editing a cut as footage came in. Who says high end production can’t be scrappy? 

Goin' Down For Real

Being one of the biggest icons to come out of Florida, It was only fitting that we had Flo Rida be featured in the commercial. Fun fact: Udonis and Flo Rida are also best buds!

Bringing the Heat 🔥

'You in, Miami?’ kicked off The Miami Heat’s opening night and has aired at every home game in FTX Arena. Along with the ad being on broadcast, cable, and digital programmatic, FTX brand awareness has jumped significantly since the start of the year. Flo Rida, and his iconic GDFR song, brought this commercial to new heights. 


Behind the Scenes

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