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The Future of Investing

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The #1 Pick

Blockfolio is a mobile cryptocurrency investment app that allows consumers to buy, sell, trade, and track cryptocurrency with no fees. Blockfolio offers consumers some of the deepest liquidity in crypto markets globally.

Behind the Scenes


The Future of Money Joins the Future of Football

Blockfolio was previously positioned as the #1 cryptocurrency platform outside of the U.S, but all of this was about to change. Their newfound partnership with NFL draft pick, Trevor Lawrence, would give them the edge they needed to dominate the crypto market. Lawrence’s endorsement deal was the first in which a significant signing bonus was cryptocurrency. The bonus consisted of well-known and mainstream crypto coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also emerging coins that reflect the future of the crypto industry, such as Solana.

The Whole 9 Yards

Blockfolio hired Colormatics to conceptualize, produce and deploy a digital campaign from start to finish. Blockfolio wanted iconic digital ads that would transcend the world of investing as they knew it, so we took to the drawing board. With only 30 minutes of Trevor’s time before the draft, the team had to be creative and use this time wisely.

The Coolest Creative for the Hottest App 🔥

Colormatics came up with a creative concept both futuristic and groundbreaking. The visual design centered around the dispersion of a football into blockchains and binary code, suggesting the merge of crypto and football. Accompanied by taglines like “Invest in the Future,” this campaign was a direct call to Blockfolio mission to revolutionize the world of investing.

It’s Game Time

The Colormatics team traveled to Laguna Beach, CA, where the photoshoot with Trevor Lawrence took place. With the help of an amazing crew, the team spent a full day preparing a studio setup with intricate lighting. Crafting the light with colored LEDs was the final touch needed to complete the vision.

Reaching the Nation

The results of the campaign exceeded all expectations, gaining 1,531,250 clicks with a CTR of .17%, for a total of 878,766,913 impressions.

The Media Blitz

We targeted 29 NFL markets in the U.S. made up of consumers interested in crypto, finance and sports. By using the power of display ads along with native advertisements, we took the internet by storm well past Trevor’s partnership launch and the NFL Draft.

While the number of cryptocurrencies is growing - so too are those who are willing to buy and trade. Today it is estimated that the global user base of all cryptocurrencies increased by nearly 190 percent between 2018 and 2020. That makes the current number of crypto users at over 101 million people. 

If you are looking to target and advertise to this burgeoning market of cryptocurrency users, it is essential to understand who they are. Crypto users are a special breed and not as easily defined as you may think. 

Behind the Scenes

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