Case Study

In the National Spotlight

Media Strategy

Gonzaga's National Commercial

In 2017 the Gonzaga men's basketball team was invited to the "PK80" Phil Knight Invitational—one of basketball’s most prestigious events. We were tasked with creating a commercial for the national stage, to leverage interest in not only Gonzaga’s athletics, but their academics as well.

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University Advertising

With the special tournament running on ESPN, the stage was set. With the national attention came an unprecedented opportunity: leverage interest in the basketball program to increase brand awareness and applications to the school.

Real Alumni Telling the Story

Collaborating with creatives in Gonzaga’s marketing department, Colormatics pitched and scripted a unique approach to leveraging Gonzaga’s academic prowess, diverse student body, and prominent alumni. Rewind is a story told in reverse, spotlighting Zag alumni in the moment of their success and showing how Gonzaga was influential in helping them achieve those goals. Throughout the 2017-2018 NCAA season, this commercial ran during the Bulldogs games, including running through the national tournament. 

Reaching the Right Audience

The strength of the spot for Gonzaga has been tremendous. Like the Men’s Basketball team record with each new season, this ad's message is still holding strong and is currently still used nationally on broadcast in the 2021 season.