Case Study

Venom Immunotherapy Education

Creative, Photography, Commercial

Colormatics, a creative agency specializing in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare marketing, partnered with Jubilant Pharma, a global integrated pharmaceutical company. The focus was to bring awareness to Venom Immunotherapy (VIT), an effective treatment reducing the risk of systemic reaction for patients allergic to stinging insects. By launching a strategic commercial campaign and a series of digital ads, the project aimed to reach a broader audience and inspire patients to seek treatment, subsequently increasing VIT sales.


The Challenge

Hymenoptera venom allergy, one of the leading causes of anaphylaxis in adults, poses a significant risk to roughly 7% of the US population. Without proper treatment, an estimated 220,000 people would visit the ER following a bee or wasp sting in the subsequent year. Jubilant Pharma needed a compelling strategy to bring awareness to VIT and its associated educational platform, "BeeAware," driving patients to seek allergists for this life-saving treatment.

The Solution

Colormatics devised an innovative marketing campaign centered around a commercial designed to resonate with a broad audience. They wrote the script, cast the actors, and integrated impressive visual effects—including VFX bee—to engage and inspire viewers. The commercial was aimed to not only educate about VIT but also to ensure the "BeeAware" name would remain memorable to viewers, encouraging them to seek more information on Jubilant Pharma's platform.

The Implementation

Beyond the commercial production, Colormatics also created a series of photographs for use in digital advertisements. This comprehensive approach ensured the campaign reached potential patients across different platforms, maximizing its impact.

The Results

The final commercial and the accompanying digital advertisements were well-received, successfully bringing the desired awareness to VIT and website. While the immediate response was positive, the ultimate success of this initiative will be measured by an increase in VIT sales and a decline in ER visits due to untreated Hymenoptera venom allergies.

Colormatics' expertise in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing played a pivotal role in promoting Venom Immunotherapy for Jubilant Pharma. The campaign's strong narrative and memorable visuals created an effective call to action, highlighting the potential of creative marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Client Quote

"The quality of the work was phenomenal..."
Marketing Supervisor
Jubilant Pharma