Crypto Marketing Explained

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency, new crypto trading and investing platforms have sprung up worldwide; and these platforms need brand recognition. Learn more about crypto advertising.

While cryptocurrency users are known for their aversion to traditional advertising, learning how to effectively sell to this audience can put you ahead of the competition.

Crypto Marketing Videos


The Race to the Top

The competition between emerging crypto companies is a that of a race to grow the largest user base. Naturally, the environment is fast and ever changing, which requires a constant need to pivot. Staying on top of the newest advancements and trends is one of the most important aspects of your marketing efforts; luckily, we’ve done our research.

Partnership Activation

When done right, partnering with influencers and celebrities can build trust between your business and the crypto community. But with power comes responsibility, and influencer marketing is no different. As your agency, our highest priority is finding authentic sponsors that align with your values and messaging.

Education is Key

One of the largest barriers to adoption within the crypto space is a lack of education. To fear the unknown is a natural human instinct; it’s important to keep this in mind. Educating your target audience doesn’t have to be dry! Making cryptocurrency fun, approachable, and accessible is the first step to placing value within a consumer’s life.

NFT Design and Distribution

NFTs open a world of opportunity for Brands to connect directly with their consumer and to transcend traditional advertising restrictions. 

Big money-making opportunities exist in creating new user experiences, increasing brand awareness, improving loyalty, creating organic buzz, and sourcing feedback.

Whether it be digital art, videos, or tickets to exclusive events, Colormatics can help you tap into a new kind of customer experience. Learn more about NFT demographics.