visual enforcements

Showcasing your company

If there is one thing Colormatics knows, it’s testimonial videos. Colormatics has produced hundreds of these testimonials over the last five years and been employed by Fortune 500 companies, nascent tech startup and small business owners on three continents and all across America. By applying a unique approach to filming, storytelling and editing, Colormatics creates visual enforcements for your company’s service or product.


Helping buyers make choices

According to a study by Demand Generation, nearly 80% of buyers said they used testimonials to make a purchasing decision last year, making them a critical piece in the decision process. And customers are anywhere from 60% to 84% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. As a crucial part of the consideration stage of the funnel, letting potential customers know that you have a number of successful client relationships can push customers to convert.

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Creating the ideal video

Any production company can create a testimonial video but the elements to creating an amazing one demand your attention. Colormatics has integrated the following techniques to create the ideal testimonial video.

  • Three camera interview process allows for a dynamic moving camera and easy post-production. 
  • Dynamic b-roll reinforces emotional and logical appeals. 
  • Graphics subtly assist in storytelling without taking over attention.
  • The post-production process focused on superior sound mixing, color, and editing.