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Video MarketingOCT 2022|Chris Marcus

Celebrity Cameos in Commercials

5 Unique Ways to Use Celebrities in Commercials

A commercial has around 15 to 30 seconds to draw viewers in and help promote your product or company. For years, companies have relied on an easy shortcut to grab a viewer's attention: the celebrity. A celebrity may cost big bucks to hire in your commercial, but they can also draw big viewers and help expand viewership online as well.

When you use a celebrity in your commercial, you need to find a unique way to showcase the performer and have the ad campaign feel effective. Check out some of the more unique ways to integrate celebrities into commercials and how you can help elevate your brand with the help of a famous performer.

1. Career References

Some celebrities are known for very famous roles in movies, television shows, or through sports. You can create a commercial based around the platform. For example, if you have an actor from a famous Christmas movie, then you could use the actor to recreate some of the scenes, but with a twist.

If you hire a musician, then you could stage a fake concert that involves your product or recreate a music video. Viewers will instantly recognize the performer in the role and then your product or branding will become the key element that sticks out.

In some cases, you may obtain specific licensed uses to products and logos. In other cases, you may need to get creative in the way you present certain scenes so you do not invoke copyright claims.

2. Going Against Type-Cast

While you could lean into something a celebrity is known for, you could also against the type to create a funny commercial. For example, you could hire an intense football player and showcase them with a much tamer hobby like knitting. You could hire a rock star who performs children's songs at home with their children.

An actor can showcase a completely new side to themselves and benefit from the exposure as well. For example, you could hire a highly dramatic actor in a comedic role. The actor could see the commercial as an opportunity to show their funny side.

When you go against the type, you can create funny and unique scenarios that will draw a viewer's attention. When you work with a full-service ad agency, the company can help come up with concepts that entertain and supply a clear connection to your product and service.

3. Celebrity Couples

Sometimes just a single celebrity is not enough. You could hire a famous couple to work together on a commercial. Some couples will relish at the opportunity to work together and perform together. With a celebrity couple, you have the opportunity for the couple to banter with each other and create some naturally funny moments.

If the couple is often in the spotlight, then they could use that fame to showcase theme like the red carpet or media they have both been in. You could also take a peek behind the curtain to showcase a look into their personal lives. Instead of the glamor of Hollywood, you could show the couple doing everyday things at home.

An ad agency can pitch ideas directly to celebrity couples and hear their own input as well.

4. Celebrity Voices

The celebrities you choose for your commercial do not need to physically appear in the ad. Many celebrities have recognizable voices you can rely on for just voice overs. Often, the voice over schedules are easier to handle and do not require a celebrity to appear on-set.

A celebrity could voice a character in a commercial or just provide straight-up voice-over narration. The type of voice-over depends on the type of commercial you choose to make. With a celebrity voice, you have a chance to record extra material and use the voice for future commercials.

For example, you could have a celebrity record the tag line or business name of your company. No matter what the commercial content includes, the voice could get added in post.

5. Product Promotions

When you feature a celebrity in your commercial, you have the opportunity to expand the way you feature them in a promotional campaign. For example, along with a video commercial, you could release company shirts that also feature the celebrity. If you sell products, you could feature the celebrity on the actual products.

You could create promotional products with the celebrity likeness as well. For example, you could print out small posters, coasters, or hand towels with the celebrity on it. An ad agency would help come up with a proper deal that includes the use of the celebrity likeness on all of the products.

For more information on ad campaigns and celebrity interaction, contact us at Colormatics LLC. We will help you plan a full celebrity ad campaign and plan out each step of the process to ensure everything goes smoothly.