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Video MarketingNOV 2022|Chris Marcus

5 Alternatives to Super Bowl Ad Campaigns

Some of the biggest and most popular commercials each year will air during the Super Bowl. One of the most popular live events on television, the Super Bowl draws as many fans that tune in for the commercials as much as they do for the game. Unfortunately, nabbing a spot on the Super Bowl can cost your marketing budget millions of dollars.

As you plan and budget big advertising campaigns, the Super Bowl is not your only option. You can take advantage of the Super Bowl without actually airing a commercial during the big game. Check out some of the alternative options to Super Bowl ads and ways to help your commercials get noticed.

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1. Playoff Games

While the Super Bowl garners the most views for a football game, you could still rake in a lot of viewers if you premiere your commercial a few weeks earlier during the playoffs. Playoff games air without any other football game competition, so fans focus on one game at a time.

The playoff games can work for both national and local campaigns. For example, if you seek an audience in a specific area, then you can look at the playoff lineup to see who plays. For example, if you have a business based in New York, then you may seek out localized commercials for a playoff game that involves the Buffalo Bills or New York Giants.

Typically, playoff games with hometown teams will see a huge ratings share in the local area.

2. Online Ad Promotions

While people watch the Super Bowl, you could take advantage of digital platforms and premiere your advertisements online rather than through traditional television. A marketing agency can help you come up with a strategic plan that involves websites with heavy traffic during the Super Bowl.

For example, you may choose to stream ads through sports betting and betting odds websites. You could choose ads for any type of sports news website. Also, seek out ad campaigns for video websites that plan to showcase the top plays and highlights from a Super Bowl game.

With more of your budget placed into an online campaign, you can stretch your video out and keep it hosted online for an extended length of time.

3. Social Media Ads

A big part of online access includes social media. Create ads that appear in social media feeds and will draw a user's attention during the big game. Fans will browse social media to look for reactions, videos, and comments on the live game. Through the use of keywords and targeted ads, you can capture the audience's attention for your company.

A marketing company can help you develop short and quick ads. Typically, ads that appear on social media feeds are much shorter than a traditional television commercial. In the short time frame, you want to draw the audience's attention and promote your company properly.

Along with general ads across social media, you could team up with social media influencers for direct posts and advertisement ad campaigns. For example, if you sell snack foods, then you could hire a popular social media user to showcase your snack food while they post about the football game.

A marketing team could also develop original video ad content to use with social media users as well. The original video could not only gain a lot of original views, but other users could re-post the video and help increase unique impressions.

Around the Super Bowl, you could focus on specific athletes associated with the game. For example, you could work with players that are not in the Super Bowl game or consider working with retired players who still remain popular. A marketing team may help you come up with a full list of options and available players for your ad.

4. Other Sports Championships

The Super Bowl is not the only huge sports event you can advertise on. While the Super Bowl may garner the biggest ratings, you have the opportunity to air commercials on other huge sporting events. Consider commercial campaigns for the NBA Finals, NHL Finals, or the World Series.

You could also consider commercials for a large premium event like WWE's WrestleMania. All of these live events feature a large viewing audience and ways to help your advertising campaign stand out without the need to pay the same prices as the Super Bowl.

5. Counter-Programming

Even though the Super Bowl receives massive amounts of viewers, not everyone is a fan of American Football. You can work with an advertising company to plan commercials for some of the counter-programming that airs during the Super Bowl. A marketing agency can pinpoint some of the more popular counter-program options and help plan ads around those showings.

The counter-programming can help you reach a whole different audience and allows you to take advantage of their attention as well. With some careful planning ahead of time, you can make the most out of your commercial campaign.

For more information on big advertising campaigns, reach out to us at Colormatics. Our professionals can help you through each step of the process and the months of planning that go into having a commercial ready for Super Bowl season.

Leveraging an Athlete's Personal Brand as a Marketing Strategy

1. Year-round Exposure:

Super Bowl ads offer a concentrated burst of exposure, but they're confined to a single, albeit widely watched, event. On the other hand, partnering with an athlete for a longer-term endorsement can provide consistent, year-round visibility for your brand, and drive sustained interest and sales.

2. Influencer Marketing:

The rise of social media has bolstered the power of influencer marketing. Athletes, with their massive and engaged following, can act as influencers to drive brand awareness and engagement. A post from an athlete featuring your product or service can reach a large audience and foster a sense of trust and authenticity that can drive sales.

3. More Targeted Approach:

Super Bowl ads reach a wide audience, but not every viewer is part of your target demographic. Leveraging an athlete's personal brand allows for a more targeted approach. You can choose an athlete whose fan base aligns with your target audience, ensuring your marketing efforts reach the right people.

4. Cost-Effective:

While high-profile athletes can command hefty endorsement fees, this route can still be more cost-effective than a Super Bowl ad. The price tag for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl has consistently risen over the years, reaching well into the millions. In contrast, athlete endorsement deals often involve a mix of monetary compensation and product exchanges, and costs can be spread out over time.

5. Content Creation Opportunities:

By collaborating with an athlete, you're not just getting a one-time endorsement. There are opportunities for continual content creation, such as behind-the-scenes training videos, interviews, product unboxing, athlete lifestyle vlogs, and more. This content can be shared across various platforms, leading to continuous brand exposure and engagement.

6. Builds Trust:

Consumers often trust their favorite athletes and are more likely to try a product or service they endorse. By leveraging an athlete's personal brand, companies can build consumer trust and loyalty, resulting in sustained sales growth.

7. Community Engagement:

Partnering with athletes can enable brands to participate in community events, charity functions, or local sports events, which can be great for visibility and for building a positive brand image. This strategy might not be directly linked to sales, but it significantly improves brand recognition and reputation, which eventually aids sales.

While a Super Bowl ad undeniably offers a unique level of exposure, using an athlete's personal brand can be a powerful, cost-effective, and versatile alternative that provides sustained benefits. The key is to choose an athlete who aligns well with your brand values, image, and target audience, and to foster a relationship that feels authentic to consumers.