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Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Video Production Company

So, you’re ready to add video to your marketing strategy. The good news is, you're in good company. Short form video is grabbing the attention of marketing professionals, business owners, and soloprenuers across multiple industries for good reason. Just take a look at these statistics:

  • By 2021, 82% of all consumer Internet traffic will be coming from videos. (Cisco)
  • 54% of consumers say that they want to see videos from brands they support. (Hubspot)
  • YouTube has over one billion users, which is almost one-third of the internet (YouTube)
  • In 2021, an average person will spend as much as 100 minutes of his/her everyday life watching videos online. (Veedyou Media)

The bad news is, if you are new to video production, the process of finding a company to help you bring your vision to life can be overwhelming. A simple google search often results in a plethora of options, with each video production company specializing in a variety of services and styles. How do you decide which is best for you? 

Here are five things to consider when hiring a video production company:

1. Look Beyond The Sizzle Reel

The quality of their work should speak for itself, and any reputable production company will have a great sizzle reel. If you like their work, that says a lot, and chances are they are a good option for you. But it’s a good idea to look beyond the sizzle reel and dig deeper. For example, what exactly do you like about it? Are there any particular shots that really catch your eye? Do you like the graphics or the editing style? Working out specific details like that will help you narrow down what you are really looking for in a finished product.

2. Check the Client List

A client list with big names is also a good indicator of a company you can trust. However, a list touting names like Facebook and Verizon doesn’t always mean what you might think. A little known fact is that a company can do a small part on a project and still add them to their client list because technically, they did work for them. So it’s a good idea to ask the company exactly what role they filled for a specific client. Even further, you can request to see the final product that was given.

3. Ask about their Post-Production Process

Some companies only specialize in specific parts of the video production process like filming or editing. If you are new to video production, it’s best to go with a company that can take your project from start to finish. Make sure the company can provide pre-production, production, and post-production services. 

And while we’re on the subject, be sure to ask specifically how they handle the post-production process. Some production companies are able to cut cost (and effectively quote you less upfront) by limiting the amount of time they will spend on editing.

For example, they will bake into the cost 10 hours of post-production. If you request more revisions which leads to them spending more than those 10 hours, they will bill you for the extra time. A few additional revisions can add up quickly and cost you more than you initially thought. Be as honest as you can with every company on what you need upfront, so that they can quote you correctly the first time around.

4. Ask About Their Overall Process

So they have a great sizzle reel, impressive client list and provide all of the necessary services you need. Good to go right? Not so fast. Each company has a way that they like to work, a process that they have in place so that they can make sure you get the final product you are looking for. Ask the company what their process is like. There are specific tasks that need to be done for each stage of production, how will they keep track of that? How will they communicate with you? A company can have all the right credentials, but the wrong process for you. If they cannot provide you a with a clear process, move on to the next one.

5. We made a video. Now What?

Many production companies treat video strategy like this: "Phase 1: Make a Great Video, Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Profit." A great video has the awesome ability to supercharge your marketing strategy but how do you go from having ten views on YouTube to increasing your bottom line? A good production company will not only help you craft an excellent video but help you create a rollout strategy that will allow you to leverage your new asset to its best potential. Also check out our blog post on Three Keys to Mastering Your Video Marketing Strategy.

Choosing the right video production company is a delicate matter. Making the wrong decision can cost you money and cause a lot of stress. Luckily, asking the right questions can help you narrow down your search and guide you to getting exactly you are looking for. Video is an incredibly powerful tool when thoughtfully constructed. No medium is better at building brand awareness, establishing yourself as an authority, increasing engagement and sales all at the same time! The right company can help you reap all of the amazing benefits video marketing has to offer.


Unlocking Potential: How Video Marketing Transforms Key Industries

Video marketing can be a powerful tool across a wide variety of industries, with potential for strong impact anywhere there's a story to tell or a product to demonstrate. However, some industries may have more inherent opportunities for compelling visual content. Let's review the industries you mentioned:

  1. Finance, Credit Unions, Banking: These industries can benefit from video marketing by creating educational content to simplify complex concepts or showcase their services. They can use video to humanize their brand and build trust, such as customer testimonials or behind-the-scenes looks at their operations.
  2. Crypto and Web3: Given the complexity of these topics, explainer videos can be incredibly helpful for educating viewers about how these technologies work and their potential benefits. Video can also help to humanize these tech-heavy industries.
  3. Tech Companies: Tech companies often have complex products that benefit from demonstrations or explainer videos. Customer testimonials and case studies can also be effective.
  4. Healthcare and Pharma: These industries can use video to educate patients about health issues, explain how treatments work, or demonstrate the benefits of their products. Patient testimonials can be particularly effective in this industry. Learn more about how to successfully market in the Pharma industry.
  5. Product Companies: Any company that sells physical products can benefit greatly from video marketing. Demonstrations, unboxing videos, or lifestyle videos that show the product in use can be particularly effective.
  6. SaaS Companies: Like tech companies, SaaS companies often have complex products that can be easier to understand through video demonstrations. Video case studies, testimonials, or tutorials can also be very effective.
  7. Beverage Companies: Beverage companies can use video to showcase their products in a lifestyle context, such as at parties or meals. They can also use video to tell the story of their brand, or show behind-the-scenes looks at how their beverages are made.

Remember, the key to effective video marketing in any industry is understanding your audience and what type of content will resonate with them. Different video formats, such as tutorials, testimonials, unboxing, behind-the-scenes, and lifestyle videos, can be more effective in different industries and for different audiences. Always be sure to align your video content with your overall marketing strategy and brand identity.