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HealthcareJAN 2021|Sean Jaques

Choosing a Healthcare Marketing Agency that Supports Growth

The best way to increase your healthcare organization’s brand awareness is by partnering with an experienced healthcare marketing agency. 

Colormatics is a modern healthcare marketing agency specializing in video marketing campaigns.

We help leading healthcare organizations grow by creating patient-centered strategies.

Why is digital so essential to the health of your organization’s growth?

More and more patients are turning to the internet first for answers to their healthcare questions.

To meet people where they are at, healthcare providers must embrace digital marketing. 

Colormatics knows how to harness the power of video to create highly memorable and engaging digital experiences. 

The result is a patient-centered strategy that increases customer satisfaction, supports better patient care, and lowers overall marketing costs.

If you’re a hospital, specialty clinic, or medical manufacturer, you need to contact Colormatics

In this article, Colormatics breaks down the multiple ways a healthcare marketing agency can support healthcare organization growth.

Increase Healthcare Brand Awareness

From ideation to deployment, creating a compelling marketing campaign to increase healthcare brand awareness is no small feat. 

You can maximize your impact and reach more people with YouTube video advertising campaigns.

This is exactly how Colormatics is supporting leading healthcare organizations across the U.S, right now.

Creating long-form video content that can be cut into short-form video, like bumper ads, to boost brand awareness.

Bumper ad campaigns are known for driving an amazing lift in brand awareness. In 2017, Google conducted a study of 122 bumper ad campaigns, finding that 70% drove a significant lift in brand awareness, with an average lift of 9%.

When you need to increase healthcare brand awareness, contact Colormatics and ask about short-form video ad services.

Introduce New Healthcare Program

How do you interweave patient education and patient engagement?

Educational video.

Video is the preferred method for education because it holds people’s attention, and it can be watched over and over again. 

Watching a video is much more engaging than reading a clinical white paper or lobby brochure. 

Educational video production presents relevant information to patients based on where they are at in their healthcare journey.

Video makes an impression, making it the most effective means of patient engagement.

That is not to say every healthcare video is effective. 

There are plenty of healthcare educational videos online that are not impactful, leading patients to click out and move on to another provider. 

Colormatics’ compelling educational videos resonate on an emotional level, so more leads convert to patients.

Establish your Practice in a New Market

You’ll buy a bottle of water from a store you’ve never been in before, but a triple heart bypass? 


You must trust your physician.

Patient testimonial videos are a powerful way to build trust and credibility when appealing to a new market.

Allowing for potential patients to hear and see the story from a peer facing the same diagnosis or treatment recommendation builds trust.

Colormatics works with hospitals and physicians to design, film and distribute patient testimonial videos across social media and organic channels.

Gathering and sharing patient testimonials quickly establishes an emotional connection with your audience.

Colormatics helps healthcare organizations enter new markets by using region-specific filming locations, talent and content that is translated by a native speaker.

Create and Nurture Patient Leads

Healthcare social media video ads are highly targeted, making it a cost-effective strategy to create and nurture patient leads.

Facebook is the #1 social media platform - and often the first step on a patient’s journey. 

Because Facebook allows for a highly targeted audience, such as specific demographics, custom lists and remarketing.

Facebook has a variety of campaigns and ad formats to fulfill your marketing goals and engage hospital prospects at any stage of awareness.

Video ads can be tailored to fit the needs of the patient's journey. 

Creating awareness and nurturing the patient lead through the entire process: unaware, problem aware, solution seeking, product aware, decision making.

HCP Marketing Strategy

Healthcare marketing agencies must focus on building a comprehensive and successful marketing strategy targeted towards healthcare professionals (HCPs) to maximize their outreach and engagement. By understanding the specific needs, values, and language of the medical community, agencies can deliver more personalized and relevant messages that resonate with HCPs. In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, it is vital to implement innovative digital strategies that include content marketing, social media, email marketing, and SEO, while respecting regulations and ethical guidelines. Furthermore, leveraging data analytics and predictive modeling will allow marketers to gain insights into HCP behaviors, preferences, and decision-making processes, thereby enabling the delivery of more targeted and effective communication strategies. Ultimately, a successful marketing strategy that fosters a strong, trusted relationship between the agency and HCPs will significantly enhance the reach and impact of healthcare products and services.

Healthcare Organizations Who Trust Colormatics

Providence Health Care

Working with Providence Southern California’s in-house creative team, eight patient testimonial videos stories were created for the #finishcancer campaign.

Capturing these stories of survival through video can be difficult as you want to balance a serious but warm production set full of laughter, creativity, and skillful execution while still paying due respect to the topic at hand.

That challenge was coupled with less than 6 days to source talent, find locations in the greater LA area and build a schedule that would maximize content for both the video and photo campaign.

Post-production work created eight patient survivor stories for broadcast and digital marketing campaigns across Southern California..

View Providence Southern California's inspiring patient testimonial video captured by Colormatics video marketing agency.

Jersey College

Small schools and training operations have a difficult time standing out in a market dominated by large institutions, nation-wide chains, and influential regional players.

Jersey College of nursing reached out to Colormatics to help them establish themselves as they expanded from one local school in northern New Jersey to five schools in multiple regions.

Colormatics focused on a multi-pronged approach to creating brand awareness and converting potential students.

View a Jersey College brand awareness video that was designed by Colormatics to inspire the next generation of heroes.

Healthcare Marketing Agency Key Notes/Takeaways

  • Meet patients where they are at: online.
  • Bumper ads increase healthcare brand awareness.
  • Video is the preferred method for education.
  • On-demand video connects patients with healthcare providers.
  • Patient testimonial videos are a powerful way to build trust and credibility when entering a new market.
  • Social media video ads are highly targeted, making them a cost-effective strategy to create and nurture patient leads.
  • Video ads should be tailored to fit the needs of the patient's journey.