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SaaS Video Production Quick Guide: What it is - How Much it Costs

It’s no longer up for debate - video content is a necessity for SaaS. This is because only video can effectively communicate complex products, while simultaneously strengthening consumer trust.  

 If you’ve found this article, chances are, you need to learn about SaaS video production - quickly.  

 Colormatics created this SaaS video production quick guide to help with just that (aren’t you glad you found us?). In it we will define SaaS video production, share how to get started and provide an overview of our production process. 

 So, let’s jump in.  

What is SaaS Video Production? 

SaaS video production is the entire process of creating video marketing content for software as a service (SaaS) companies.  

Video is an extremely effective form of content marketing for SaaS businesses as this business model tends to have a difficult time expressing what it is they do in a way that customers can easily comprehend. 

How to Get Started with SaaS Video Marketing 

Before diving headfirst into SaaS video marketing, you need to create a plan and determine how you will define success. 

Start by aligning your video marketing campaign with company goals. What is your ultimate goal and how will this video marketing campaign help you achieve that? 

The second step is defining your audience. Ask yourself who has the problem that I can solve - and why would they care to watch this video? You may also want to suggest why your solution may be better than your competitions’. 

The last step is to align your video content type with the preset company goal and target audience. There are a lot of different types of SaaS videos and each have their own unique use case.  

We cover 6 of the most effective types in our article, “SaaS Video: Sell Your Story in Seconds.” 

All in all, there are a lot of video marketing options to consider, and if you’re just getting started, it can feel  a little overwhelming.   

Save yourself the time and energy (and let’s face it...sanity) and contact Colormatics. We’re happy to walk through our discovery process to make getting started with video marketing easy. 

Keep reading to get a sneak peek on how the video production process goes down. 

SaaS Video Production Process 

To tell you the truth, a lot goes into making commercial-grade SaaS videos. The following is a simplified breakdown of what to expect when working with Colormatics: 

Step 1: Pre-Production  

During pre-production we will establish the strategy. What company goal are you looking to support and how does video fit into that solution? 

Next we bring that strategy to life. Our creative team will pitch several ideas that transform your ideas into a series of short videos. 


Step 2: Production 

Whether we are creating a fun animated explainer or how-to product demo, execution is key to success. Colormatics directors and producers engage your team in the production journey while leading an agile, flexible, and fun-loving crew. 

For example, if you chose an animated explainer video, production will begin with the storyboards crafted from our in-house developed scripts.  

These storyboards will be used as visual markers to motivate, convert and influence our audiences.  

 Once these are complete we create board-o-matics. A board-o-matic is where the storyboards are matched with music and voice overs to give a good idea of pacing and tone.  

Finally, the full animation is completed by adding dynamic action and transitions to each piece. 


Step 3: Post-production 

From editing, animation and graphic design to adding the finishing touches with mixing, sound design and color correction, everything is handled by our world-class post-production experts.

How Long Does Video Production Take? 

From concept to delivery Colormatics SaaS video production process has a really fast turnaround.  

Immediately after the contract is signed, we get to work. Starting with a creative kickoff meeting. During this meeting a timeline is prepared noting delivery milestones and required client approvals at each stage of the process. 

In 6 short weeks you can hit deploy and let the magic of video take you to the moon. 

How Much Does SaaS Video Production Cost? 

SaaS video production cost will vary depending on the type of video content chosen to meet your ultimate goals. This can range anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000 and is determined by the desired number of videos, level of animation, and overall scope of the project. 

Hit the chat button in the bottom right corner of this article. This will connect you with a Colormatics team member who is happy to help you strategize a video marketing campaign that will connect with your target audience and meet company goals.