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Video for SaaSJUL 2021|Team Colormatics

SaaS Video: Sell Your Story in Seconds

Software as a service can be really hard to market because it’s highly competitive, there’s low starting capital - and likely the biggest issue SaaS companies face - it’s really hard to get people to quantify the value of the product.  

As amazing as your product is, if people don’t understand the value your product brings either in terms of increased profits or decreased costs they can’t justify the costs. 

Simply put, if they don’t understand how your product benefits them - they won’t buy it. 

So, how do you quickly educate people and get them to buy-in? know the age-old saying that a picture tells a thousand words? 

A video can tell the entire story of your company, explain your service and generate leads in under 90 seconds. 

If you own a software company, you need to be using SaaS video to market your product.

What is SaaS Video? 

First things first, let’s make sure we are on the same page with the definition of SaaS video. SaaS video is defined as a video, motion graphic or animation used to market a SaaS company or product. 

Video is an incredibly important asset to digital marketing strategies, because it captures your audience’s attention quickly and keeps them entertained while you sell your story. 

Which type of video marketing you need will depend on your company goals. 

5 Types of SaaS Videos with Examples 

Now that you understand the importance of video in SaaS marketing, the next step is choosing a type of SaaS video.  

There are 6 types of SaaS video. To help you understand the different use cases, We're going to provide a brief description and real world example for each. ‘Cause we always go the extra mile, 

Let’s get to it. 

1. Company Video 

SaaS company videos build a personal connection with your audience. 

People tend to think of tech companies as these emotionless money-making machines—they don’t see the passion behind building the brand from scratch.  Learn more about Crafting an Effective Brand Perception

To change this perception, you can create a video that showcases your company’s “why” and introduces the people who make the magic happen. 

Take a look at this phenomenal example by Autodesk. Colormatics collaborated with Autodesk to launch a new suite of tools. Resulting in a high CTR and impressive conversion rates in adoption among existing users.  

2. Explainer Video 

SaaS explainer video helps your brand stand out and convert viewers to loyal subscribers.  

While there are billions of videos online, less than 0.1% are animated. A well-made explainer video will engage and inform your audience all within a teeny tiny attention span.  

Animated storytelling resulted in a new understanding of Lemonade Insurance’s financial service. After 1.5 million views in the first few months, millennials flocked to Lemonade. 

3. Promotional Video

SaaS promotional videos are your grand entrance, they are memorable and let the world know you’ve arrived! 

Getting their attention though is easier said than done because people scroll through content so quickly.  

Attention is a gift.  

Fiverr is easily one of the best SaaS promotional videos because it ensures with audio and text that the most important message is delivered in those first 3 seconds and the entire message is consolidated into 15-seconds. Perfect for teeny tiny attention spans.  

4. Testimonial Video

Testimonial video is your bandwagon effect, people are much more likely to buy-in if the people they respect are doing it.  

This is really a win-win strategy because during the process of creating social proof you will be strengthening relationships with your best customers.  

Check out this lively and entertaining testimonial video by a Credit Union featuring influencer, “The Budget Mom.” 

5. How-To Videos

How-to videos are an absolute must for a SaaS company.  

The tutorial video format is widely popular on YouTube because it hits all the main reasons why people tune in: to learn something new and to be entertained. 

Use this type of SaaS video marketing to help potential users gain a better understanding of your software and help current customers better use your software. 

The better they learn how to use it, the more likely they are to stay on and share.