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Video MarketingSEP 2020|Chris Marcus

The Power of a Case Study Video

The internet has opened a seemingly unlimited number of options for nearly any product or service. We can find pages of companies that specialize in solving our business needs with a quick search and connect with experts and specialists in nearly any country at the drop of a hat. But infinite options make it harder to stand out among all of these brands because now, you’re competing with everyone. 

That’s where a case study video comes in. Case studies have long been used to show exactly what a brand has done for a client, turning lofty promises into tangible results.

According to a study by Demand Generation, nearly 80% of buyers said they used case studies to make a purchasing decision last year, making them a critical piece in the decision process. But most case studies are boring white papers, often lengthy PDFs with an intimidating amount of text. 

A case study video conveys that same information – and often more complex information – in a shorter, more engaging way. In fact, Google/Ipsos reports that 81% of video-viewing occasions get all or most of people’s attention.

This is critical in online marketing, where users are multitasking and easily distracted. Case study videos feature genuine people talking directly to the viewer about their experience, explaining why a product, brand, or service worked for them. These are customers who were once in the buyer’s shoes and have had a successful experience, which gives your prospective client someone to connect with. 

Discovering and communicating your personality and strengths through a case study video that is informative makes the sale in a natural, less forced way.

In addition to showing that you can produce real-world results, you want your case study video to make prospective client’s think, “If they can sell themselves this effectively, what can they do for me?” Let’s face it, there are a lot of bad options available to us today. The internet is full of scams, paid-for reviews, and mediocre companies that could afford a legitimizing website. Case study videos add authority and trust.

Videos are also more fun, exciting, and emotional.

They feature music, branding, infographics, and animations. They can show a potential client or buyer what it’s like to interact with a product, talk to your staff, or be at an event. It’s the difference between a press release announcing a new movie and a movie trailer – which would you rather see? 

That personality, detail, and care that goes into a case study video also says something about your own brand. And having a library of engaging videos that tell a story about your brand and its capabilities can be posted on your website and social media, but can also be used at client presentations, conferences, and trade shows.

Ultimately, case study videos are a proven way to engage customers and increase conversion. Studies have shown that those who watch videos online are anywhere from 60% to 84% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. If you aren’t using them, it’s time to make the leap.