The first step is always establishing the strategy. What's the problem our clients are trying to solve? And how do we best use the variety of tools and depth of our experience to find a solution that measurably alters our clients' results?


Once we establish a strategy, we bring it to life with creative ideas. Our innovative creative team will pitch several ideas that turn goals and methods into a series of humorous short videos or a long conceptual explainer. These ideas are later translated into a dynamic visual style, clever scripts, and strong storyboards.


Here all our preparation produces results. Whether we are creating an intricate animated explainer, a short but dynamic commercial, or an interactive display ad campaign, we strive to bring a high level of execution to every project we're a part of. Our directors and producers engage your team in the journey while leading an agile, flexible, and fun-loving crew.

Post Production

Within the walls of our West Coast post-production facility, our full editing team consists of certified storytelling ninjas. From editing, animation, and graphic design to adding the finishing touches with mixing, sound design, and color correction, everything is handled by our world-class post-production experts.


Ad placement is not just about strategy. It’s about measuring the results and iterating the strategy as we run through the campaign. The Colormatics deployment team ensures that the results developed at the beginning of the process are delivered at the end of the process.

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Colormatics offers a wide range of creative, production and deployment services meant to solve our client's unique challenges.

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At Colormatics, we have a passion for many things, but our greatest passion is helping you. From nascent startups to international giants, check out some of the clients we've had the pleasure of working with.

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