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Chris Marcus

CEO / Director

His hard work and talent have allowed him to have what we in the industry call, a highly successful career. From working with brands like American Express, Budweiser, and H&M to filming celebrities like Oprah, Mariah Carey, and Drew Barrymore, Chris's career has run the gamut, including shooting and editing two feature length films, “I AM” and “Heart of the Country,” both distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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Sean Jaques

COO / Producer

As founder and executive producer at Colormatics, Sean's constantly finding ways to innovate and streamline the process of production, so his clients and creatives can build compelling, results-driven content. Passionate about cutting edge technology, Sean has spearheaded Colormatics work in Live Streaming and other new methods and mediums of filmmaking. Sean has partnered with brands like: Brooks Running; Fiverr; Lemonade and Macallan.

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Aaron Breeden

CCO / Producer

Aaron is known throughout the northwest as a craftsman and creative in the film industry. From writer and director to camera operator and sound mixer, Aaron prides himself on being involved in every part of the process. Over the past two decades he has strived to create hundreds of commercials for companies like the NBA, Microsoft and Toyota as well as feature films for clients like Sony, Fox and Paramount Pictures.

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Hannah Harper

Creative Director

As a writer, producer, and director, Hannah’s happy place is turning ideas into compelling stories through video. She loves working with clients to find the qualities that make them undeniable in their field and creating content that puts them in the spotlight. Over the past ten years, Hannah has developed commercials, shows, and digital content for companies including Food Network, CBS, Oprah Winfrey Network, GMC, and Dove.

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Max Delsid

Director of Photography

Having been self taught ever since high school, Max is no stranger to constant learning and exploration. His passion for emotive storytelling is evident in every project he touches. A true cinema junkie, much of Max's inspiration comes from his love of Sci-Fi epics, like Interstellar and Blade Runner. His love for film is only rivaled by that of music.

Team Item

Michaela Lantzy


From roaring of waves to the soft chirping of insects, Michaela was hooked on immersing herself in soundscapes. She attended Shenandoah University in Virginia, earning her BM in Music Production and Recording Technology. Michaela has since returned home to the lush evergreen forests of Washington further developing her passion for storytelling through editing and sound mixing.

Team Item

David Denton


David has had a camera in hand ever since watching the Making of Jurassic Park on VHS at six years old. Originally learning the craft on Lego Movie Maker, he has since gone on to be proficient in the entirety of the post-production process; from editing to color-grading to sound design, you can usually find him diving into the next project while jamming out to the Stones.

Team Item

Allison Smith


Allison has combined her love of the storytelling process and people into a successful career in producing. After receiving a degree in Broadcast Media from Gonzaga, she has brought stories to life for companies like ABC, E! News, and Good Morning America. With her first love being the great outdoors, she enjoys life with one foot in nature and one foot in the advertising world.

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Jackson Scallen

Production Coordinator

As a full-time creative, Jackson has focused on crafting new and engaging experiences that leave a lasting impact on his clients' audience. He earned a degree in Broadcast Media from Gonzaga University and has worked on content for brands like ATP Tour, Goodwill Industries, and Microsoft.

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Rachel French

Marketing Coordinator / Photographer

Rachel specializes in creating striking imagery that's both forward-facing and accessible—working with brands to bring fresh insights and nuance—positioning herself at the forefront of this emerging generation, with unique insights into pop culture, trends, and fashion. And oh yeah, she did her homework—graduating from Gonzaga with a degree in Public Relations.

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Isabella Harris-Hamlin

Production Intern

A Senior Broadcast Media Studies major at Gonzaga University, Isabella is eager to continue exploring her passion for video production. She's worked on student-led mini documentaries about everything from the visual arts, to sports, to social issues. And when she’s not trying to solve world problems through filmmaking, you can find her creating videos about all her outdoor adventures. 

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Mitch Davis

Motion Designer

Mitch believes that the creative process is the purest form of fulfillment and catharsis. This is evident in his extensive design portfolio, working on projects for Google, AT&T, Mountain Dew, and nearly every major brand you can think of. With an incredibly gifted eye for design and the technical skills to back it up, Mitch has proven himself to be a unicorn in the animation industry.

Team Item

Corbin Richardson


Corbin takes a documentarian’s approach in his storytelling, conducting insightful interviews and capturing intimate character portraits that strike an emotional chord with audiences. He's worked with numerous clients ranging from local non-profits to global brands like Mazda, Microsoft, Comcast, Intel, and McDonald’s. His love of pop culture and appreciation for classic cinema inspires each project he takes on. 

Team Item

Bryce Harvey

Senior Editor

If you watch TV, chances are you have seen Bryce's work. As a master storyteller, Bryce has led the charge editing ads for Infinity, McDonalds, Hyundai, Dominos, Netflix, Best Buy, American Airlines, Fruit of the Loom, and, to name a few.  With a diverse history in film and collaborations with agency producers, art directors, and executive creative directors, his skillset is prime for editing compelling content for broadcast and new media.  Working alongside Colormatics, Bryce leads a top-notch, no BS post house with our blossoming live-action production arm.

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