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Video MarketingMAR 2022|Chris Marcus

A Comprehensive List of 2022 Super Bowl Commercials

In this article, we're giving our opinions, commentary, and hot takes on this year’s lineup. Check out the end of the blog for a special surprise!

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1st Quarter

Toyota | Paralympics | Start your Impossible (90 sec)

Did we cry watching this commercial? Maybe. This spot was a heartwarming reminder of why the Olympics are so special. While it's bold to not have an ad featuring the main product, it paid off not having Toyota at the forefront of this commercial.

T-Mobile | Do it for the phones | Feat. Dolly Parton (30 sec)

This is the commercial where Dolly Parton says 5G phones are a serious problem in America. Not sure where Dolly has been the last two years but 5G phones aren’t exactly on the top of the list of things to be concerned about. 

Rakuten | High Stakes (30 sec)

A decent concept but nothing new or unique. Just another commercial that faded to the background.

E*trade | He’s Back (30 sec)

Baby boss in retirement? One of the funniest commercials in this year’s Super Bowl. It's equally weird and hilarious to watch a baby get frustrated by people's financial decisions.

Squarespace | Sally Seashells | Feat. Zendaya (30 sec)

Zendaya is a pop culture icon, which makes this commercial hard to hate. However, it didn’t evoke any emotional response necessary to stand out among the other commercials. We can’t conclude the commercial was a captivating campaign. 

@colormaticsstudio #duet with @chriscmarcus @Squarespace Sally shines, Squarespace sells #squarespace #react ♬ original sound - chriscmarcus
Expedia | Stuff (30 sec)

If anyone can convince me to drop what I’m doing to travel it's Obi-Wan Kenobi. The overall message was uniquely portrayed as Ewan McGregor walked by sets of previous Super Bowls commercials.

Bud Light Next | Zero in the way of possibility (45 sec)

The Barbra Streisand song was the best part of the commercial. While the visuals were captivating, the overall concept wasn’t a strong way to introduce Bud Light’s first-ever carb-free beer.

Draftkings | Life’s a Gamble (30 sec)

Were we supposed to know the people in the commercial? It was enjoyable to watch during the game, however, it was easily forgotten at the end of the day. There was not an element in the ad that set it apart from the other gimmicks used in Super Bowl commercials.

BMW | All Electric | Zeus (60 sec)

Is it a movie trailer? Is it a commercial for retirement planning? No, it's the BMW all-electric car. While we had no idea what the ad was for, It was a good, memorable commercial (even if Chris hated it).

@colormaticsstudio #duet with @chriscmarcus @bmw dang, Chris is throwing some shade 😮‍💨 #bmw #react ♬ original sound - chriscmarcus
Polestar | No Compromises (30 sec)

Polestar worked hard to position itself in a growing market of electric vehicles. Although it's not the most flashy commercial, it sends a message by having a simple concept, setting it apart from other greenwashing companies.

Avocados From Mexico | #AlwaysGood (30 sec)

The old Roman tailgate was a good theme for the Super Bowl. We're not sure what it has to do with avocados, but we were entertained nonetheless. Caesar loving Caesar salads was a nice touch.

Carvana | Oversharing Mom (30 sec)

The oversharing mom was the perfect trope for Carvana to utilize. As video production experts, we can appreciate the work that went into 13 scenes and seamless transitions.

Hologic, Inc. | Real Love (30 sec)

Hologic, Inc.’s commercial gave an insight into the balance of life and healthcare. Women make up a large portion of people who watch the Super Bowl and this commercial was a good reminder of the importance of healthcare checkups for women.

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Telemundo | Gooooal (30 sec)

Not sure there is a soccer fan that hears someone say “goooooal” and doesn’t get at least a little excited. It was the ideal ad to get people who watch soccer pumped for the upcoming World Cup.

Coinbase | Floating QR code (60 sec)

There's a reason why Ad Age rated this the #1 Super Bowl Commercial of 2022. There was so much traffic to their website during the game that it crashed. Truthfully, we were too busy waiting for the square to hit the corner of the screen.

Doritos | Push it | Flamin’ Hot (60 sec)

We've never seen a sloth run so quickly. Doritos are always high up on the list of good Super Bowl commercials and this year is no exception.

Meta Quest 2 | Old Friends New Fun (60 sec)

While the set design and cinematography were stunning, Meta missed the mark with the messaging. Living life in the Metaverse gave us the creeps, and by the end of the video, we couldn't help but feel like this was encouraging serial killer tendencies.

@colormaticsstudio #duet with @chriscmarcus Meta be like, “you know what we need? More social anxiety” 🥴 #meta #react ♬ original sound - chriscmarcus

2nd Quarter

Michelob Ulta | Bowling (90 sec)

The beautiful color and cinematic style made this one of the grooviest commercials we’ve ever seen. From Alex Morgan’s soccer bowling ball to Serena Williams' entrance, the creative details and funny moments made it one of the best ads from this year.

Chevrolet | All Electric Silverado (60 sec)

A good blend of nostalgia for the Sopranos and a way to introduce a new product into the market. One thing to consider is how many people might recognize the Sopranos in relation to the demographics of those who watch the Super Bowl.

Rocket Homes | Barbie Dream House (60 sec)

The start of the commercial appeared to simply be a Barbie advertisement but took a turn when Rocket Homes was introduced. As the housing market gets increasingly tough, Rocket Homes’ commercial was funny and relevant for many viewers.

WeatherTech | Special Ops (30 sec)

If there aren’t people dressed like the special ops team to put the WeatherTech into our cars, then what's the point? It was an alright concept about car protection but didn’t do anything to stand out.

Uber Eats | Uber Don’t Eats (30 sec)

Watching Gwyneth Paltrow try to bite into a candle hurt our souls. While it was painful to watch celebrities eating things not meant to be eaten, it did get the message across. UberEats doesn’t just deliver things you eat anymore.

Disney + | All the Goats (30 sec)

We never thought we would see a goat dressed as Loki, but there's a first for everything. Although this commercial wasn’t the greatest of all time, it was a cute addition to Super Bowl 2022.

T-Mobile | Do it for the Phones (30 sec)

While the overall premise of this ad is ridiculous, Miley has an undeniably amazing voice. It might not be a very dynamic commercial, but the power of her voice was beneficial in the advertisement, getting around 24 million views on YouTube.

Caesars Sportsbook | Sit Down Dinner (30 sec)

There were funny lines throughout the commercial, including “Caesar” asking for a legendary quarterback to pass the gravy and then savagely rejecting a not-so-legendary QB. However, it doesn’t exactly showcase what Caesar's Sportsbook is or why people should be interested.

Gillette Labs | Exfoliating Bar (30 sec)

The visuals didn’t carry over to what the razor does for a shave. The door peeling open felt random and we can’t imagine any razor would somehow make shaving that much quicker.

TurboTax Live | What If (40 sec)

The concept of a tax company matchmaking a tax expert that is “right for you” is appealing to the consumer because each person has different needs when filing taxes. It was a unique twist on a generally straightforward concept.

Turkish Airlines | Pangea (60 sec)

It's true, we will love any commercial narrated by Morgan Freeman. Using Pangea as a metaphor for connecting countries and families was an amazing message and by the end, we were feeling inspired by nature's beauty.

Wallbox | Safe Way to Charge (15 sec)

We're curious how long it took to come up with this concept. It seemed like a lazy option and the 15-second ad couldn’t compete with the stories developed and emotions provoked in every other Super Bowl commercial.

Michelob Ultra | Caddy (30 sec)

The commercial was a bit disappointing following up their very strong ad that played the first quarter. It was beneficial to bring back a scene from earlier, yet it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the first.

Salesforce | New Frontier (60 sec)

It was alright, alright, alright. McConaughey’s cameo paired with him in a spacesuit floating around the world in a hot air balloon, while eye-catching, might have been a bit too out in space for the audience to understand what Salesforce actually does. However, the shade that this commercial throws at celebrities like Zuckerberg and Elon Musk’s space ambitions is a bonus of this commercial.

NFL & Prime Video | Football is Open (30 sec)

Nothing is worse for a football fan than the end of a season and the realization that they have to go back to normal lives till September. However, Amazon’s Prime Video commercial provides relief to this mundane break in this short ad for the return of Thursday Night Football, but now on Prime Video.

FTX | Don’t Miss Out | Feat. Larry David (60 sec)

Larry David’s comedic timing paired with some of the greatest inventions and accomplishments from the past made for a truly memorable commercial from FTX. Touted as one of the best commercials of Super Bowl 2022, the offbeat humor of this commercial made it clear that the audience shouldn’t miss out on crypto.

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Pre Half-Time Show

Toyota Tundra | The Joneses | Feat. Tommy, Leslie, and Rashida (1 min)

Any commercial bringing together Tommy Lee Jones, Leslie Jones, Rashida Jones, and Nick Jonas is already set up for success. But when these stars are also paired with an all-terrain race in Toyota Tundras and the upbeat voice of Tom Jones, you get one of the most fun commercials of the Superbowl.

NFL | Bring Down the House (2 min) 

Creativity came alive in this NFL commercial where they used brand new 3D technology to bring 20 NFL legends to life to promote the league. Bringing legends off the screen into the real world used innovation and excitement to bring something unique to big game commercials.

Post Half-Time Show | Make History | Feat. Lebron James (30 sec)

What could be better than one LeBron James? Two LeBron James’! We were surprised by the simplicity of this Super Bowl spot in relation to the high production value of's Matt Damon ad. It just goes to show that one beautiful set can be just as impactful.

Verizon | “Goodbye Cable”: 5G Internet | Cable Guy Feat. Jim Carrey (1.5 min)

Jim Carrey returns to his old role as “The Cable Guy” to show the benefits of Verizon’s new 5G Internet. Jim Carrey always manages to make a splash in any role that he plays and this funny reprisal from a 90s classic was no exception.

3rd Quarter

Google Pixel 6 | Feat. Lizzo in Real Tone (1 min)

This ad was simple, yes, but it was its simplicity that made the message so easy to understand. The Google Pixel 6 ad was a prime example of why it pays to show, not tell. Featuring one of the biggest figures in the body positivity movement, Google makes a calculated effort to appeal to a younger generation that values social justice.

Cue Health “Meet Cue”: A New Smart Device for Your Health (30 sec)

As one of the first consumer-grade rapid testing devices, there was so much potential to make this commercial cool. While we appreciate that Cue Health didn't resort to any fear-mongering, the ad was a C+ average.

Lay’s | Golden Memories | Feat. Paul Rudd & Seth Rogan (2 min)

As Rudd and Rogen look back on their “golden” memories over the years, the ridiculous moments make this commercial one we could watch over and over again. This ad earns extra points for stellar product placement.

Pringles | Get Stuck In (30 sec)

Everyone knows the feeling of trying to get the last pringle in a can and getting stuck. This outrageous ad was funny but didn't convince us to reach for pringles in the chip aisle.

Planet Fitness | What’s Gotten into Lindsay? | Feat. Lindsay Lohan (30 sec)

Planet Fitness and its "Judgement Free Zone" has long had a reputation for being a gym for newbies and in an effort to turn the brand image on its head, Planet Fitness partnered with celebrity and ex-con, Lindsey Lohan. We get the irony but were left trying to understand the intended message.

@colormaticsstudio #duet with @chriscmarcus @Planet Fitness stop trying to make Lindsay happen 💅🏻 #planetfitness #react ♬ original sound - chriscmarcus
Kia EV6 | Robo Dog | The All-Electric Kia EV6 (1 min 11 sec)

The bond between man and his dog is unmatched and highlighted in this Kia Electric commercial. The ad was cute and appealed to all ages, while successfully showing off the car's electric charging feature.

General Motors | Dr. EV-il “EVerybodyIn” (1 min)

Any reference to the classic Austin Powers movies is going to be a crowd-pleaser, especially when Mike Myers brings back Dr. Evil to help promote GM going electric. However, we were too busy focusing on the punchlines to care about the electric car lineup.

Etoro | Flying Your Way (30 sec)

Oh eToro…This commercial left much to be desired as the investing app tried to emphasize its social function by people…flying? We’re wondering how this idea made it past the pitch deck.

T-Mobile Internet | Zach Braff and Donald Faison Sing a Duet for Home Internet (30 sec)

A Scrubs reunion we've been waiting for and a parody of West Side Story; this commercial had the makings for something unique, but in the end, proved to be anticlimactic.

Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda | Guy Fieri Loudest Flavors Ever (45 sec)

Who knows flavor better than the King of Flavor himself? We applaud this ad for its larger-than-life VFX and set design. Traveling through the mythical 'Land of Loud Flavors' was a familiar trope, but we couldn't help but want to try the Seltzer Hard Soda for ourselves.

@colormaticsstudio #duet with @chriscmarcus Welcome to FLAVOR TOWN 🔥 #budlight #react ♬ original sound - chriscmarcus

4th Quarter

Amazon Alexa | Colin Jost & Scarlett Johansen: It’s like She Can Read Your Mind (1.5 min)

Quick-witted and hitting all the right notes, this commercial was a lighthearted take on a common joke and relevant to Amazon’s target demographic. Even with such a powerhouse couple, Alexa was still the star of the show.

Intuit | Success Starts with Intuit | Quickbooks (30 sec)

Aside from the fact that DJ Khaled randomly appears throughout this commercial, there's not much about the Intuit ad that stands out from the rest. This is a classic example of what happens when a brand tries to fit too many jokes in a short 30-second ad. | Idris Elba Says Things (30 sec)’s big game ad was simple and articulated the ease of its website for travel bookings. We didn't learn a lot about the website's features, but we did enjoy hearing Elba talk for 30 seconds.

Cutwater Spirits | Here’s to the Lazy Ones (30 sec)

Cutwater Spirits set its product apart from the rest by promoting its product as one for the ‘lazy ones’. However, the idea of insulting your own customer base is certainly an interesting strategy.

Irish Spring | Welcome to Irish Spring, Smells From a Nice Smelling Place (30 sec)

Irish Spring’s commercial was unexpected for its humor. With a cult-like group turning on a smelly visitor, the commercial's dark humor caught the audience off guard and made them take notice. This edgy, niché spot earns a place on our top's list.

@colormaticsstudio #duet with @chriscmarcus @Irish Spring Midsommar vibes ✨ #irishspring #react ♬ original sound - chriscmarcus
Vroom | Flake the Musical | Sell Your Car Completely Online (30 sec)

A random musical number brings a quick burst of energy during the fourth quarter. Vroom’s unexpected commercial helps bring life and youth to their company, while still getting the message across.

Nissan | Nissan Presents: Thrill Driver feat. Eugene Levy (1 min)

Nissan’s epic commercial showing Eugene Levy as an action star is a transformation both entertaining and ridiculous. Showing Levy as the suave, cool lead and straying from his normal role as a polished father, really gives Nissan a cooler edge than expected for this Super Bowl commercial.

Taco Bell | The Grand Escape, Live Mas: Doja Cat Makeover (1 min)

Taco Bell returned with a bang to the Superbowl after a five-year hiatus. The ad boats dynamic sets, seamless VFX, and detailed costume design. The storytelling successfully positions Taco Bell as the cooler fast-food chain over its competitors. Our only gripe is the lack of brand placement in two-thirds of the commercial.

Budweiser | A Clydesdale’s Journey (1 min)

It wouldn’t be a Superbowl without the classic Budweiser commercial featuring a Clydesdale, dog, and a farmer. Budweiser delivered yet another chapter of the Clydesdale’s journey, but without as much impact this year.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise | Mayo Tackling Food Waste | Make Taste Not Waste (30 sec)

Tackling old ladies isn't as funny as Hellmann's might have hoped. Add in the random appearance of Pete Davidson and it feels like Mayo is trying to be "hip" with the young kids.

@colormaticsstudio #duet with @chriscmarcus @hellmannsmayonnaise A for effort #mayo #react ♬ original sound - chriscmarcus
Sam’s Club | Kevin Hart VIP (30 sec)

Kevin Hart’s humor always makes a commercial memorable, especially in this commercial regarding Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go function. However, it's hard to believe that a celebrity like Kevin Hart would shop at Sam’s Club, making the credibility of this commercial a little questionable.

Greenlight | “I’ll Take It” Feat. Ty Burrell (30 sec)

Modern Family star, Ty Burrell, brings playful humor that only he could give to a company dedicated to creating better spending habits. This ad is fun, but fails to bring home the family aspect of the educational investing app.

Final Thoughts and a Gift

Well, there you have it! The 2022 Super Bowl was filled with lots of memorable moments, especially a legendary halftime show that made every 90s kid want to do the "MJB Stomp." Since you stuck around, we're giving you a detailed breakdown of every Super Bowl commercial from the last five years! Now, that's some marketing gold.