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Explainer VideosAPR 2021|Team Colormatics

Animated Video Production Quick Guide: What It Is - How Much It Costs

Fun digital marketing fact…

In 2007, a video production company in Washington state created an animated video explaining how to use a new social media platform...Twitter

Using simple graphics and straightforward language, the video grew to nearly 10 million views and people began to understand how to use Twitter, resulting in millions of new users. 

This simple, instructional video began the era of explainer videos. 

Since then, marketing directors have found that by incorporating a short, compelling video, their brand presence expands.

Animated explainer videos work perfectly well for medical organizations and SaaS companies.  Because these brands provide new technology and unique services that may be hard to describe in a clear and succinct way. 

So buckle up, ‘cause in this article, Colormatics quickly covers what an animated explainer video is, how animated videos are made, how much they cost and how long they take from production to launch.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

An animated explainer is a type of short-form video that uses motion design (or illustrated animation) to quickly tell brand stories in a memorable way. 

Many businesses can have a difficult time expressing what it is they do in a way that potential customers can easily comprehend.

Why does this type of video content work so well?

Illustrated animation works so well because the human brain is programmed to respond to narratives. Especially narratives that build off of ideas that are familiar to them. 

By mixing new ideas with familiar ideas, illustrated animation creates a personal connection between people and a brand.

Check out Colormatics roundup article of the best explainer videos.

Animated Video Production Services

We at Colormatics offer frustration-free production services to help brands tell their story through animated video. 

With offices in Washington State and New Jersey, we work with national Fortune 500 companies like Lemonade Insurance and Microsoft. We’ve been doing this forever, and know the market.

Take this video for Lemonade Insurance, for example. We helped get millennials excited about renter’s insurance (typically a pretty dull topic) using a combination of motion design and testimonial videos. And the results? Some brand ambassadors who love their renters insurance. Wild, we know.

How are Animated Videos Made?

Creating a high-performing animated video is a daunting task. Without a clearly defined process, it’s easy to burn through company resources unnecessarily. That’s why it’s recommended to partner with a company experienced with animated video production. (Ahem, like Colormatics).

Animated Video Production Process

Our 10-Step illustrated animation process ensures a collaborative, reliable process that increases quality and decreases costs. Let’s walk through it, shall we?  


Establish the general premise, important narrative beats, visual direction (moodboard) and palette for the video. 


In coordination with the client, a script is crafted by distilling the complex principles and benefits of our client's product to a laser-focused message that transforms viewers into conversions.

  1. Storyboard Sketches
    Simple sketches of each scene are developed providing insight into movement, transitions and elements to be featured.
  2. Board-O-Matics
    Storyboard is placed in a video with a temporary voice-over and sample music to get a feel of pacing and length.
  3. Voice-Over & Music
    Once the script is approved, music and VO talent options are submitted for review. After a selection is made, the final script will be recorded and final music track secured. 
  4. Visual Direction
    Board-O-Matics are reviewed and approved, then we will develop one to two still images fully. These fully developed images will be used as a design guide for all other elements. 
  5. Illustrations
    Once the visual direction is approved, we take the sketches and illustrate every scene with the full visual direction. Animating won't take place until the next phase.
  6. Animation
    A full animation for each scene begins after all illustrations are reviewed and approved. 
  7. Sound Effects & Mix
    Sound design is added along with a final mix for the music, sound design and voice-over. 
  8. Deploy
    Congratulations! Final video is now ready for use. Different requested lengths, aspect ratios or file types are delivered. 
    If the video is part of a larger paid marketing campaign, we can develop the marketing strategy and deploy accordingly.

How Long Does Animation Take?

From concept to delivery the entire Colormatics animated video production process has lightning fast turnaround. Obviously.

Right after the contract is signed, we schedule a creative kickoff meeting to get the ball rolling. During this meet a timeline is prepared for delivery milestones and for client approvals of each stage of the process.

In just 6 short weeks you can hit deploy and let the magic of video woo your audience.

How Much Does Animated Video Cost?

Look, we get that there are a lot of animated video options to consider, and if you’re just getting started, it can feel like a lot. 

Save yourself the time and energy (...sanity) and contact Colormatics. We’re happy to walk through our discovery process to make animated video production easy.