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Explainer VideosAPR 2021|Sean Jaques

SaaS Explainer Videos that Get People Buying

Okay, here’s the scenario: You have the world’s greatest software as a service concept and release a working model. And not only is the idea great, but the execution and front-end user experience is beautiful.

But, after you launch — much to your dismay — almost nobody signs up. Outside of your immediate network, you’re struggling to gain traction. 

Suddenly, you realize that you are the only one in the room that fully understands how it works!

Which brings us to the main issue SaaS companies face: It’s hard to get people to buy enthusiastically if they don't understand what your software does, how to use it, or why it benefits them.

As amazing as your product is, the value is only as great as the number of people who can understand it.

You’ve got the art and science of the software down pat - but reaching new users is tricky and expensive. 

So, how do you grab people’s attention, quickly educate them, and get them to buy-in? know the age-old saying that a picture tells a thousand words?

A video can tell the entire story of your company, explain your service and generate leads in under 90 seconds.

If you own a SaaS company, you need to be video marketing your product. When it comes to learning about a product or service, 72% of people prefer watching a video over reading text. 

So, when you need to grab the attention of your audience, engage them in a timely and cost-effective manner, an animated explainer video is your best option, hands down.

You can see all the best characteristics of SaaS explainer videos rolled up into this promotional video for a email marketing software company, MailChimp.

How to use Motion Design for SaaS Marketing

Motion design works the same way regardless of whether an explainer video aims to sell software or teach subscribers how to use it.

An overview video is generally placed on the homepage of a website, with the goal being to quickly grab the viewer’s interest and explain the company.

Product videos are best suited for landing pages as they increase conversion rates, whereas testimonial videos work really well on services pages, as powerful social proof. 

Animated explainer videos are also frequently used in advertising to attract clients, and are really helpful for on-boarding because they’re proven to reduce churn rates. 

Here’s a list of ways to incorporate motion design into your SaaS marketing:

  • Demos
  • Tech Tutorials
  • Advertising


It can be difficult to explain how your software works, but it’s easy to show people visually. At Colormatics, we can turn any software developer’s dream into an animated reality that can provide an overview demo for new prospects.


Scheduling live software tutorials comes with a high drain on business resources. An animated video tutorial is a much more cost-effective, and scalable, solution.


The most effective function of an explainer video takes place at the top of the marketing funnel - to generate awareness and interest in a product or service.

Explainers are effective advertising videos because they work well across multiple traffic sources: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.  

Consumers like easy to digest information, and it doesn’t get much easier than watching videos. You don’t even need to push play. 

While there are billions of videos available to your audience, less than 0.1% are animated - explainer videos help your brand stand out and convert viewers to loyal subscribers.

Colormatics breaks down the best explainer videos for advertising in this article.

SaaS Explainer Video Content

What type of video content works best will depend on your specific SaaS product and company goals.

Hit that chat button in the bottom right hand corner of this article to connect with a Colormatics team member who is happy to help you get a better understanding of what type of video can help you.

That being said, there are a few general rules of thumb that can be applied to most companies.

Recommended Video Length: 60 – 180 seconds.

Recommended Video Content: Tell the “why” first and then dive into the details of your product, and how it helps your audience. 

Video Production Process:

Colormatics’ 10-Step video production process ensures a collaborative, reliable process that increases quality and decreases costs.  

The first step is establishing the general premise, highlighting important narrative beats, and the overall visual direction (moodboard) and palette for the video. 

  Some questions that will be asked during the creative process will be:

  • What specific marketing problems are we trying to solve?
  • Overall goals for the campaign. What does success mean for you? 
  • What aspects of the product resonate most, which parts are the hardest to explain? 

High-Converting Videos:

The best animated explainer videos are simple, informational and visually appealing. Check out Colormatics’ article, “Best Explainer Video to Elevate Your Brand,” for real world examples.

Finding the Best SaaS Video Production Companies

By reviewing what works best, you will quickly learn what to keep an eye out for when hiring a marketing agency to produce your video.

If you’re looking for a video production company that can create high-converting explainer videos, look for a portfolio that shows experience and creativity.


An experienced video production company should have a well-put-together portfolio that contains explainer videos for Saas Companies.

Look for high-quality visuals that are vibrant and jump off the screen. Along with audio that sounds like it was recorded in a studio with smooth transitions.

If you can’t find any examples of engaging explainer videos, move on to a service provider with a portfolio that exceeds your expectations.

Don’t just stop there, look for social proof - or testimonials from their clients for in-depth insights as to what working with the agency is like.


Creativity is really what separates the best video production companies from the average. That certain “je ne sais pas,” of working with a partner that just “gets it.”

Colormatics knows how to harness the power of video to create highly memorable and engaging digital experiences. 

The result is a results-driven marketing strategy that increases subscriptions, customer satisfaction and lowers overall marketing costs.

Clear Production Process

Creating a high-performing animated video is a daunting task. Without a clearly defined process, it’s easy to burn through company resources unnecessarily. That is why it is recommended to partner with a company experienced with animated video production.

Read about Colormatics explainer videos production process in the article, "Animated Video Production Quick Guide."

SaaS Explainer Video Key Takeaways:

It’s time to start thinking seriously about how to get users to better understand your software. 

A video can tell the entire story of your company, explain your service and generate leads in under 90 seconds.

This satisfies a buyer’s need for information-based, engaging content. Engaging content that explains:

  • What your software does
  • How to use your software
  • Why your software benefits them

Check out how Lemonade Insurance got millennials excited about something as old-school as renters insurance. Capturing 1.5 million views and building a sense of trust authentically.

And remember, our team is here to help bring your video dreams to life. Hit the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of this article to connect with a Colormatics team member. We’re fantastic, we promise.