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Explainer VideosAPR 2021|Chris Marcus

The Best Explainer Videos to Elevate Your Brand

Need an effective yet simple way to draw people’s attention to your brand message?

While written content (like this post!) is still valuable, there’s been a seismic shift away from long-form blogs to short-form video.

Attention spans are shrinking and video represents an entertaining, passive way to consume information. And if anything, the pandemic has only proven this behavior.

The best explainer videos are not only time-efficient, but also represent a way to show your audience what you’re selling - as opposed to just telling them about it. 

When it comes to learning about a product or service, 72% of people prefer watching a video over reading text. 

Enter: explainer videos.

Explainer videos can be just as informative as written guides, all the while quicker (and more fun) to consume.

So, what is an explainer video?

Thanks for asking. An explainer video is an animated motion design video meant to engage and inform your audience in a short period of time. 

Explainers are meant to be bite-sized snippets of video filled with engaging information for viewers. 

Data shows the average viewer retention rate of a 60-second explainer video is 77%. Meaning that a 60-second video (on average) will hold viewers’ attention for roughly 47 seconds. And if you were to count out 47 seconds, that’s way longer than it seems.

Explainer videos are ideal for a multitude of industries, but work especially well for financial services or new tech startups because motion design can distill complicated ideas, making them engaging (dare we say, fun?) and easier to understand.

Are explainer videos effective?

The function of an explainer video exists at the top of the marketing funnel - to generate awareness and interest in a product or service.

Explainer videos are effective across multiple channels, but specifically: on site; social media (Instagram and Facebook); and paid advertising campaigns.  

And unsurprisingly, when compared to other forms of content, video outperforms most of them in almost every way. 

Many marketers cite the versatility, accessibility, and visual format as compelling reasons. Consumers like easy to digest information, and it doesn’t get much easier than watching videos. You don’t even need to push play. 

Furthermore, anyone with internet access can watch and share videos online so it's incredibly accessible.

While there are billions of videos available to your audience, less than 0.1% are animated—so these types of explainer videos will absolutely help your brand stand out.

These are the best explainer videos and animations, along with must-have tips when searching for motion design services.

What are the qualities of a good video?

Like any cool thing on the internet, the viewer’s first thought should be to show someone. If your explainer video is simple, informational and visually appealing it’s downright difficult not to want to share it. 

Best Corporate Explainer Video

Working alongside Microsoft and GEP, Colormatics crafted a visually appealing explainer video that simplified the complex intricacy of the Smart by GEP story and platform.

Simplified Brand Message

This corporate explainer video provides an overview of what the GEP software is capable of - and how it helps the viewer - within the first 14 seconds of the video.

Best 90 Second Explainer Video

Explainer videos are powerful enough to get the most important parts of your message up-front and center in under 2 minutes. The acceptable average animated video length is anywhere between 1 and 2 minutes long. Remember what we said about that attention span...


In just 90 seconds this video is able to show how the Vanguard financial service can help users get on track with financial planning in a way that feels feasible - not like a lecture. Client’s are onboarded to the new financial product with a sense of ease not previously associated with the brand.

Best 60 Second Explainer Video

Animated storytelling resulted in a new understanding of Lemonade Insurance’s financial service. After 1.5 million views in the first few months, millennials flocked to Lemonade.

Visually Appealing

Motion design immediately grabs the viewer’s attention by addressing a primary point of interest, “love the things you own.” Animation tells the complex story of insurance in a fresh, visually appealing manner.

Best 30 Second Explainer Video

EasyKnock wanted a fun and quirky explainer video that was relatable and engaging. 30 seconds is all that was needed to tell the EasyKnock story and communicate what their services provide


Animated explainer videos tape into our inner child. Cartoon explainer videos have the ability to connect with your audience in a fun, entertaining way. By reminding us of our childhood, 2D animation effectively suspends judgement, allowing viewers to hear your pitch.

If You Remember Anything…

...remember that explainer videos perform the best when they have the following qualities:

  • Under 2 minutes.
  • Simplified Brand Message.
  • Humorous or informational.
  • Visually appealing. 

Looking to create an explainer video for your brand or product? Good thing you’re here. We’ve got the expertise and skill you need. Hit us up and we can help you engage your audience and add value to your work.

In the article, "Animated Video Production Quick Guide," Colormatics breaks down the animated video production process.