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Live StreamingMAR 2021|Chris Marcus

Corporate Video Production Made Easy

Corporate Video Production Made Easy

In a world where content (and particularly video) is king, corporate video production is essential to communicating complex products or ideas while strengthening consumer trust and brand identity. In the simplest terms, it’s really the best way to share your message to your target audience.

But, researching video marketing and trying to find a production company to hire can be overwhelming. There are a lot of self-proclaimed “experts” out there (you’ve seen them) and a lot of new techy terms to learn.

So, if you’ve found this article, chances are you are weighing your options on whether corporate video can be the right solution for you. And we’re here to tell you, it is. 

Ultimately, you need a service that can replace traditional marketing events, like conferences or trade shows, and is within budget.

As always, we here at Colormatics are here to help you get clear on what matters most and to help make understanding corporate video production easy.

We’ll kick off this article with the basic definition of corporate video, what the production process is like and what types - or styles - of video are available.

If at any point you have questions, hit the chat button in the bottom right corner of this article. This will connect you with a Colormatics team member who is happy to help you get a better understanding of how video can help.

What is Corporate Video?

Corporate video is a catch-all term used to describe an organization’s video communications. It can be distinguished from traditional video advertising by considering the target audience. 

Traditional video advertising targets the general public - corporate video is often intended for a specific audience. 

This could be an internal audience: presenting to stakeholders or highlighting a new initiative within the company or an external audience, such as: promotional videos for new product lines or services. 

Below you can see an example of a corporate video we created for Fiverr. This video was shot to highlight their freelance marketplace to reach a new set of buyers and sellers. This video received over 150 million impressions, increasing Fiverr’s brand reach, despite a global pandemic.

What is the Video Production Process?

Truthfully, a lot goes into making commercial-grade corporate videos, like the Fiverr example above. This is a simple breakdown of what to expect when working with our team at Colormatics:

Step 1: Pre-Production 

The first step is always establishing the strategy. What problem are you trying to solve and how do we best use video to find a solution that will get results.

Then we bring that strategy to life with creative ideas. Our creative team will pitch several ideas that transform your goals into a series of humorous short videos or a long conceptual explainer.

Step 2: Production

Whether you chose an intricate animated explainer or live event, execution is key to success. Colormatics directors and producers engage your team in the production journey while leading an agile, flexible, and fun-loving crew.

Animation: With animation the core of production begins with the storyboards crafted from our in-house developed scripts. These storyboards are the basis for the visual markers we use to motivate, convert and influence our audiences. Once these are complete we create board-o-matics, where the storyboards are matched with music, voiceovers and the storyboards to show the pacing and tone of the story. Finally, the full animation is completed by adding dynamic action and transitions to each piece.

Testimonial: After a kickoff meeting where we establish the goals of the testimonials, we craft series of questions to dig into with our subjects. During our production day, where we find a location, light and film, we have a dialog with the subjects, making sure to bring out the best clips and comments to back our case.

Live Streaming: After developing a run of show and a script, we set the stage for an engaging period of live performance, including everything from interviews, demonstrations, performance and more.

Step 3: Post-production

From editing, animation and graphic design to adding the finishing touches with mixing, sound design and color correction, everything is handled by our world-class post-production experts.

Types of Corporate Video

Now that you understand the basic definition of what corporate video means and how it is produced, it’s time for a quiz! Only kidding. Let’s just take a closer look at the best types of corporate video.


Animated corporate video is a great option to explain complicated ideas because people have fun watching it. We swear.

From explainer videos to sophisticated motion design, animated corporate video is a versatile medium.

In this video for Lemonade Insurance, Colormatics helps get millennials excited about renter’s insurance (typically a pretty dull topic) using a combination of motion design and testimonial videos. 

We found that a lot of brands like to start with animation as their first official corporate video production and then scale from there.

Testimonial Video

Live action testimonial video is often used to build consumer trust and highlight the personality of a business. 

Colormatics has produced hundreds of testimonials and have been employed by Fortune 500 companies, nascent tech startups and small business owners on three continents and all across America. 

In this example testimonial video for Providence Southern California, a healthcare patient shares her story of how Providence helped her feel supported and confident in her cancer treatment.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is great for brands who want to share a unique brand experience with a specific insider audience or - the world. 

As opposed to the testimonial video style, Live streams create a sense of importance and intrigue in a “can’t-miss-it” manner that encourages viewers to participate. Audience interaction increases engagement time giving you the value of having them spend more time with you.

Partnering with a live streaming video company will help your brand stand out from the sea of influencers with a professional and well produced event.

Just take a look at our live stream sizzle reel example featuring the Culpos sisters new product launch, “CULPOS x INC,” with Macy’s.


Other Corporate Live Streaming Options

  • Live Events
  • Employee Training
  • Internal Meetings
  • Webcasting

How much does Corporate Video Production Cost?

Look, we get that there are a lot of corporate video options to consider, and if you’re just getting started, it can feel like a lot. 

Save yourself the time and energy (...sanity) and contact Colormatics. We’re happy to walk through our discovery process to make corporate video production easy.

By identifying where you want to reach your customers in their journey, we can trace back to find the best type of corporate video. This will give you a better understanding of the investment it may take.

If You Remember Anything...

...remember the following on utilizing corporate video production for your company:

  • Video communicates complex products or ideas. 
  • Video strengthens consumer trust and brand identity.
  • Corporate video is an umbrella term referring to all video communications.
  • Video productions starts with strategy.
  • Animated video is best for explaining complex ideas.
  • Testimonial video builds consumer trust.
  • Live Streaming video engages the audience.

Corporate videos are a powerful tool for businesses in various industries to convey their message to potential clients and investors. In the finance industry, corporate videos can showcase the company's portfolio and investment strategies, as well as provide insights into financial trends and market analysis. In the crypto industry, corporate videos can educate viewers on the technology behind cryptocurrencies and highlight the benefits of investing in this emerging market. In the healthcare industry, corporate videos can highlight the latest medical advancements and showcase the company's commitment to improving patient care. In the sports industry, corporate videos can showcase the team's accomplishments and highlight the organization's values and mission. Overall, corporate videos are an effective way to communicate a company's message and build brand awareness in various industries.