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Four Keys to Creating Great Video

If you've been reading any of our blogs on the magic of video or the power of video in social media, I hope we've convinced you to create your videos for your brand or products. But what are the most important things to keep in mind? Here are 4 key attributes you need to nail when making engaging and useful content.

1. Structure

Structure is often overlooked when thinking about the cool shots and smart dialogue in a great video, but it’s the most critical element if you are hoping to turn that video into results. Ask the following questions about the video you are planning on making:

Does it visually hook them in the first few seconds?
Does it appeal to the things they are passionate about?
Is it clear what you're trying to say?
Is there a  "call to action" that gets them to engage?

Dedication to these principals is necessary to create a video that not only looks good but can help you reach your goals.

2. Quality

Looking professional is also important. Does the video sound like it was recorded on your phone or does it have the crisp sound of a television commercial? Does the camera just stay in one spot or does it move, giving the footage dynamism and energy? Does it include graphics that help make understanding your message easier? It can only take a few seconds to disregard a video because it lacks quality sound or professional editing.

3. Versatility

If your story is clear, then you can adapt it to any platform. A two-minute video on YouTube can be easily converted to 15 seconds for an Instagram story. It should make sense without sound and be adaptable in every platform there is, from Jumbotron to Snapchat.

Nordstrom's "An Open Mind is the Best Look" for the 2019 Oscars ran on YouTube as a two-minute long anthem but it aired as a sixty-second TV commercial. Even more impressive, the Nordstrom Instagram page features five-second clips from the spot and B roll. 

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4. Positioning

You've probably heard the term "cutting through the clutter." Not only do you have to contend with your competitors' videos, but you also need to compete with all the other content out there. While that sounds daunting, just consider, what can I do to make this stand out? How are we unique? Research what other people are doing and find out what works.

Once you have your vision, you just need a production team to bring the content to life. Looking for a great production company? Read our post on the Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Video Production Company.

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