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HealthcareJAN 2021|Chris Marcus

Storytelling Brings Warmth and Compassion to Healthcare Branding

Building brand equity in healthcare organizations is not easy. Healthcare branding must engage both sides of the brain.

Branding must engage the left hemisphere responsible for preprocessing social emotions like happiness, and the right hemisphere responsible for processing primary emotions such as fear. 

Video marketing is the best way to meet both needs.

And it is the best strategy for helping healthcare brands to stand out.

Visual storytelling marries science with emotions. It makes audiences feel connected to a brand. For a healthcare brand, creating that connection is the key to success but how do you make a story of healthcare come to life in video?

By finding stories that stick. And telling them in inventive ways.

Here is how Colormatics uses storytelling to bring warmth and compassion to healthcare branding.

Bringing Warmth and Compassion to Healthcare Branding

Science in itself is rational and emotionless. It alone doesn’t move markets. 

Successful healthcare brands are able to break down the science for their patients using engaging images, simple language and compassion.

For healthcare brands, this is done by identifying stories that are warm, humanizing, and compassionate, while also exhibiting innovation. 

In healthcare storytelling, authenticity is key. 

Whether it’s a provider sharing the first day they knew they wanted to practice, or a patient sharing their story of survival on film, stories of real people, from real people, create community.

Colormatics’ work with Providence Health Care is a great example of why this works.

Most healthcare stories, especially patient testimonials, are steeped in emotion. Fear, anxiety, happiness, gratitude.

Colormatics knows the value of stories in healthcare marketing and how the process of curating that content is just as important as the stories themselves.

Building relationships with clients, deep market research to get into the minds of patients (current and prospective), selecting a unique blend of stories to share, and putting people at ease as they tell their stories.

That’s the Colormatics difference.

Why Healthcare Storytelling Works

Brand messaging delivered as a story are up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone.

Perhaps more important than retention of information is the ability to create stronger connections with people. 

Storytelling makes healthcare brands more human, more relatable.

Elevating healthcare brands beyond traditional advertising.

Visual storytelling brings something forward that’s authentic, visually beautiful through a cinematic lens.

Video advertising brings healthcare back to the heart of medicine, by showing you care.

How to Integrate Video in Healthcare Branding Campaigns

According to Forrester Research, the number of telehealth virtual video visits is expected to top 1 billion in 2020. 

1 billion. 

Patients today expect to see their providers on video, in real time.

Integrating videos into healthcare branding campaigns allows healthcare brands to rise above their competitors. 

Colormatics healthcare video production process:

  1. Becoming a trusted partner, by taking the time to get to know the team.
  2. Complete market research, to see what the competitors are doing and positioning the brand to stand out.
  3. Identify ways to elevate the brand through inventive and creative video.
  4. Find the stories that will resonate the most.
  5. Develop concepts and storyboards.

By blending personal and professional expertise with a constant 360-degree communication loop allows for a smooth execution of the brand vision with clarity and ease.

Reaching HCPs

Healthcare branding is crucial in defining the identity and reputation of an organization within the health industry. This involves not only the patient-centric aspects but also the means to connect with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). A successful marketing strategy to reach HCPs is to employ a multi-channel approach that combines traditional and digital methods. This may include medical conferences, webinars, emails, social media, sponsored content, and mobile applications. Furthermore, the strategy should be data-driven and personalized to ensure that content is relevant to the HCPs’ specialties and interests. It's important to engage HCPs through thought leadership, educational resources, and clinical evidence that highlight the brand's dedication to improving patient care. Ultimately, fostering relationships and trust with HCPs can lead to increased advocacy for the brand, further propelling its reputation and influence in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Brand Examples

A 2019 Brand Finance study named the top 5 most valuable healthcare brands:

  1. United Healthcare
  2. Anthem
  3. Optum
  4. Aetna
  5. Humana

One of the ranking metrics was how the healthcare brand invested in marketing efforts.

Yep, marketing investment.

It makes sense when you think about it: 

  • Investing in marketing = More patients. 
  • More patients = More revenue. 
  • More revenue = More dollars to invest in new programs.

Healthcare, like other industries, provides consumers multiple options and choices. 

Many provide the same services. So how do consumers choose between brands?

A strong healthcare brand drives brand equity. And we know that the healthcare industry has some of the highest brand loyalty around.

Many healthcare organizations are developing creative video ads featuring front line heroes. Telling healthcare stories in beautiful and compassionate ways.

Here are 2 examples:

Cleveland Clinic 

In March 2020, the Cleveland Clinic took to video to share a message of gratitude to all of our front line heroes sharing that they put patients first. This short form video was text-only with a music track that was compelling and inspirational.


This one-minute video from Google shared messages of gratitude and visuals showing the individuals making a difference and the protocols and processes that have adapted because of COVID-19. It also provides clear calls to action for viewers on how they can help.

Healthcare Branding Videos Key Notes

  • Healthcare stories bring warmth and compassion to healthcare branding
  • Storytelling makes a healthcare brand come to life.
  • Healthcare videos present integrated brand opportunities
  • Stand out in a competitive field with video marketing.