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Video MarketingAUG 2022|Chris Marcus

Product Video Production: How We Make Product Videos That Sell

Okay, you’ve decided a product video fits your marketing strategy. So now what? 

Does your team have the resources and capacity to create high-quality product videos? 

If not, where can you find video production that meets your unique brand needs? 

Read on because Colormatics has been in the business for nearly a decade, and we are breaking down the ins and outs of creating product videos from start to finish.

Product Video Production Process

Product video production is the ideation and execution of creating any product video. 

To tell you the truth, a lot goes into making the various types of product videos available, and I can say with certainty that for a product marketing strategy to be successful pre-made video templates aren’t going to cut it.

Below is a breakdown of Colormatics' 5-step video production process that is proven to produce extraordinary outcomes.

1. Creating a product video marketing strategy.

Step one is understanding what you are looking to accomplish and how video best supports your company goals. The backbone of a successful campaign is strategy.

2. Bringing your ideas to life with creative magic.

Once a strategy is established, your goals are brought to life through several different creative ideas - this may be a humorous short video or a long conceptual explainer.

This may look something like...

3. Production that stays on track and on budget.

Flexible, fun-loving team members keep projects moving and inject life into every phase of production.

The nature of your product will determine whether or not the Colormatics team will travel to you or if we can have the product delivered to one of our locations. 

If you can’t be on location in person, we’ll bring the party to you! Live streaming production so you can still be a part of every step of the process.

4. Post-Production editing and everything in between.

Not to brag, but from animation to editing, sound design, and color correction, our post-production experts are masters of every cutting-edge technique. We’re talking world-class.

But, the journey doesn’t end here.

You don’t want another video. You need a video marketing campaign that is destined to succeed, and that’s where our media nerds come in.

5. Deployment that ensures KPIs are delivered.

We’re a bunch of media nerds (no shame) who are obsessed with market analysis. 

Tirelessly crunching the numbers to outline the best marketing channel and spend to hit your company’s KPIs. 

As you know, ad placement is not just about strategy. It’s about measuring the results, adjusting, and retargeting for maximum effectiveness. 

The Colormatics deployment team is here to ensure that the KPIs set in step one (strategy) are delivered.

How Long Does Product Video Production Take? 

The product video production process is fast and furious—not unlike a heavyweight boxing match.

From the moment you sign on the dotted line, we get to work. 

Starting with a creative kickoff meeting. During this meeting, we set a timeline and what work will be done at each stage of the production process.

You can hit deploy in as little as four weeks and let video magic take you to the moon.

How Much Does Product Video Production Cost? 

Product video production costs will vary depending on the type of video content chosen to meet your goals. 

This can range between $50,000 to $500,000 and is determined by the project's overall scope.

Product Video Examples

Below are a few product video examples that will help to give you an idea of the quality that Colormatics produces.

Explainer Video

Lemonade Insurance needed to quickly capture the attention of Millennials and clearly communicate why they needed renters insurance.

It worked. 

Over 1.5 million Millennials flocked to Lemonade. Learn more about how Colormatics helped make Lemonade the leading insurer for Millennials in this product explainer video case study.

Product Live Event Video

Nina Parker, Queen of Pop Culture, launched a fashion-forward clothing line available in plus sizes with Macy’s. 

Colormatics filmed and broadcasted Nina’s product launch event live, featuring a Q&A with Danielle Young.

Thirty-five press members tuned in to the livestream, and thousands of customers shopped the historical clothing line on

Learn how Colormatics helps Macy’s launch new products with live streaming events.

Product Demo Video

The Macallan Whisky updated its packaging and worked with Colormatics to create tasting videos and product shots to compliment the craftsmanship and style.

“Colormatics made it look easy (though it definitely was not), and the end production went off without any bumps.” - Andrew Pearson, M BOOTH.

View Production shots from the product demo videos here.

New Product Ad: Promotional Video

Centrum was introducing two new products to a new audience and needed to build awareness and excitement. 

Colormatics worked with TBWA to create short-form videos to create brand awareness with social media ads.

Ready to Add Video to your Product Marketing Strategy?

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