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Developing a TikTok Content Strategy (with Examples)

Unlike any other channel available, TikTok allows brands to actually become a part of the culture because they show up as members of the community.

And this isn’t like Steve Buscemi’s “How do you do, fellow kids?” skit on 30 rock. TikTok users genuinely feel TikTok ads are unique and blend with native content well. 

To be successful on TikTok, a brand must develop a strong, unique content strategy. You can’t wing it with a social marketing strategy template. This isn’t going to make the cut because on TikTok - authenticity is King. 

In this article, I’m going to show you how to create a TikTok content strategy that works by inspiring and entertaining your target audience. All while keeping your lead funnel flowing. 

3 Types of TikToks (What Content Works w/ Examples)

On TikTok new trends come and go faster than you can say pasta chips (yep, that’s a thing!). 

Trying to hop on every video trend before it disappears can seem overwhelming, especially as a business. Don’t give up! 

There are a few TikTok formats that have stood the test of time and will always remain relevant. No matter what kind of business you are, you can build a solid foundation by mastering these 3 types of TikTok content:

React Videos

Reacting to another user’s TikTok is what we like to refer to as “stitching.” This feature allows you to record your video alongside someone else’s. 

TikTok react videos work best if you’re pressed for time, but want to put out industry related content. Successful reaction videos are most likely in the form of commentary. Take this TikTok, for example: 

Plastic Surgeon, Anthony Youn, has built a whopping 4.8M following by posting reaction videos that are both witty and informative. By capitalizing on beauty and skincare trends, he can post relevant content that engages young audiences, while still promoting his practice.

Pro Tip: Try reacting to a video that relates to your field of work. Provide a hot take or simply laugh along (just make sure the original video is funny enough to carry itself).


Everyone loves an aesthetically pleasing shot! It’s the same tingling feeling you get from popping bubble wrap, you know the one. 

ASMR TikTok content works best for businesses that sell direct-to-consumer products, like food, makeup, and art (that’s not to say your work as a metal fabrication plant can’t also be satisfying!). 

Check out this candy shop in the UK that went viral overnight with their signature candy bin concoctions:

How can something as mundane as pouring candy into a gigantic plastic bin garner millions of views? It’s simple; people like mindless content that stimulates their senses.

Pro Tip: If your business isn’t particularly ‘grammable, try to picture your product or service in a new kind of light. Is there a process in your everyday life that people might find intriguing to watch?

How-To Videos

Fact: people on social media are looking to be entertained or educated. Keeping this in mind, your TikToks should be offering entertainment, information, or both! 

Do you have a piece of expertise or advice that would make viewers stop and listen? Is it something fairly easy that would make their lives easier? 

Then, you’re already on your way to making stellar content! Here’s how a Michelin-trained chef turns a simple process into a share-worthy TikTok:


Reply to @kelliepooler THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! How to cut your onions like a pro 🧅🔪 ##onions ##knifeskills ##masterclass ##howto

♬ Put Your Head on My Shoulder - Paul Albert Anka

Cutting an onion is a universal task that everyone hates, and yet, this video is perfectly digestible in a 15-second format. When done right, how-to video content is incredibly powerful!

Pro Tip: Make sure your how-to isn’t too niche for the general population. As a visual agency, we would avoid a tip about production budgeting, and instead, share a hack for recreating golden hour lighting.

Do’s and Don’ts (expert tips)

Now that we’ve covered the types of TikTok videos that succeed on the platform, it’s important that you’re making videos the RIGHT way. Here are five do’s for getting started on TikTok.

DO: Pick a theme and stick to it 

If you stray from your usual industry of content, it’ll be harder for the TikTok algorithm to categorize your videos and display them to the correct audience.

DO: Use hashtags 

Use 3-5 hashtags that are related to your content and don’t forget about trending hashtag challenges.

DO: Use video accessories

Investing in a stand, lens, and microphone can bring your videos to the next level. iPhone accessories like these can be found almost anywhere.

DO: Post frequently

TikTok gurus recommend posting as much as 2-3 times per day for a chance to go viral. But beware: don’t sacrifice quality for quantity!

DO: Hop on trends (when it works)

It’s always a good idea to utilize the current TikTok trends as you plan your content. However, not every trend may be relevant to your niche, and that’s OK.

If you find your video isn’t performing as suspected, it might be due to one of these five TikTok sins.

DON’T: Pick a random song 

For maximum exposure, choose songs or sounds that are trending at that moment.

DON'T: Sound too sales-y 

Your audience on TikTok is made up of Gen Z and younger Millennials, which means traditional sales tactics don’t work!

DON'T: Write long captions 

Unlike long-form captions on Instagram and Facebook, TikTok is not the place to write an essay. When it comes to TikTok captions, the shorter the better.

DON'T: Overuse filters and effects 

While most TikTok trends arise out of the use of filters, use them sparingly or risk looking like your mom who tried using the app for the first time.

DON'T: Be shy! 

Some of the best TikToks work because of...well, personality! Don’t be afraid to show your face and talk directly to your audience. Doing so will establish a familiar face and persona for your business.

Using TikTok to Get People in your Funnel (actionable steps)

If you've read all the way to this point, you may still be wondering, 'Can TikTok generate leads?' The answer is yes! TikTok can get you leads, and here are 6 actionable steps to get you started:

Link Up

Who are you, and what can you offer to the person who just landed on your TikTok page? Make sure you have a link included within your bio to immediately drive traffic to your brand or business.

Connect Cross-Platform

Your brand is a tree, and all your social media accounts are the roots spreading out below to feed it. The more roots you have, the stronger your tree will become. Adding in these additional social media accounts to your TikTok profile cements your brand across multiple platforms and sets you up for quick cross-promotion wins.

Laser Focus

Don't just throw everything you have at your followers and overwhelm them with content. Be clever about how and when you promote your product with the types of tactics covered above.

Partner with Influencers

Seek out and find engaging influencers within your market who are both authentic and genuine. Working with an influencer within your market can help build up your brand credibility and also grow your follower list: IE TikTok street cred. 

Invest in Advertisement

Once you have an established brand, check out TikTok ads to help promote your content or products. With various creative advertising options, from video ads to hashtag challenges, these in-platform advertisements will maximize your visibility and help generate leads.

Ask The Pros

If you find that you're not the Steven Spielbergs of TikTok content creation, don't sweat it. Fortunately, you don't have to be. If you need help creating compelling and engaging content - contact Colormatics for professional-grade TikTok videos.

TikTok Content Strategy Recap

  • TikTok audiences are built on authenticity.
  • Timeless TikTok video types: react. ASMR, How-To
  • Do pick a theme and stick to it, don’t annoy your followers with overtly sales pitches.
  • Use hashtags and don’t be shy! 
  • Link your website in bio.
  • Invest in TikTok Ads