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2022 OTT Advertising Guide (with Examples)

GEICO dove into OTT advertising in 2020 spending an estimated $34.5 million (1.6% of their $2.16B ad spend.) Making the insurance company a top spender during a time when others were pulling ad budgets back.

Now, why would the second-largest auto insurer in the US invest so heavily in a relatively new advertising format?

This may have been in response to live sports being suspended in March 2020. Or because more people are signing up with streaming services like Netflix. Or because they recognized an opportunity to reach new audiences that were previously out of reach.

In this advertising guide we are breaking down why businesses are diving into OTT ads, current OTT trends, best practices and success cases.

This is why brands are investing in OTT video

When we say more people are cutting the cord with cable - we are talking a lot more. It is estimated that by 2026 there will be over 3,000 million users in the OTT video segment alone. Tapping out with the overall OTT market valued at $223.07 Billion, that's a billion with a B!

So what does this mean for advertisers? Well, first off - stop thinking solely in terms of social media advertising (though they’re great too). 

You need strong creative campaigns everywhere your customers are and that includes video streaming platforms. 

Still not convinced? Check out these 5 compelling reasons brands are investing in OTT video.


More Opportunities

Simply put, with OTT advertising there are more opportunities for consumers to see your content that traditional cable cannot provide.

 You see, we know users get up and move away during commercial breaks but on a mobile device, inside and outside of their home, they’re less likely to do so. 

And with OTT, skipping ads isn’t an option. This means your audience is much more likely to watch your ad.


Reaching a Targeted Audience

OTT advertising offers the best of both worlds: more time slots and high-tech targeting. You can ensure that your ads air during programs relevant to your brand. 

For example, Ford isn’t going to want to talk about their new pickup truck before a YouTube video about how to get slime out of your child’s hair.


Increasing Engagement

Placing ads alongside relevant content doesn’t just increase the likelihood your target audience will actually watch it, it also increases the chances that viewers will convert to customers. 

OTT ads are an excellent opportunity to leave lasting impressions and build customer relations. The ability to market to your intended audience while strictly matching your brand voice and imagery builds a stronger customer relationship from the start. 

Minimize Ad Spend Waste

Since Ads are specifically tailored and highly-targeted, brands see higher engagement rates and less waste - all while having an awesome ad campaign!

OTT Industry Trends

Now is the time to start paying attention, because the future of OTT advertising is promising. 

Streaming is becoming more popular than ever before and that means there will be a lot of change in store for both local advertisers as well global brands who want their message heard across all platforms.

Here are the top OTT industry trends in 2022:

  1. To compete with viewer’s attention spans, high production value will be essential.
  2. Interactive ads will become more popular than static ones. 
  3. Data algorithms will be used to increase customer loyalty by matching ads to an individual’s personal preferences. 
  4. The line between advertising and programming will continue to blur as advertisers increase native content creation output.
  5. Continued rise of the influencer. Social media influencers will be used in advertising campaigns more so than traditional celebrities.

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OTT Video Content Best Practices

With how quickly the industry is evolving, we are often asked whether there is a “rule of thumb” to follow in order to achieve the best results with OTT advertising campaigns. 

While Colormatics has never believed in a one-size-fits-all approach, there are several high level best practices that advertisers should know. 

Keep reading to learn how to create OTT content that will increase your customer base - all while decreasing your ad spend waste. Now that’s a win-win!

Read these 5 expert tips on OTT video content best practices:

Bite-Sized Video

The best OTT ads are between 15-30 seconds long. Viewers typically don't watch a minute long ad unless they like the brand, it's particularly interesting or if it's viral! 

Shoot for a compelling bite-sized video that captures your audience's attention in the amount of time they’re required to watch. 


Relevance to Audience

Content needs to be quick, conversational and highly relevant to your audience. Do your research and know exactly who your audience is. Create OTT video ads that will speak to them directly.

A/B Testing

Consider recording several script alternatives or voiceover variations. Planning multiple creative variables, such as music, voiceover, and messaging, and performing A/B tests will help you better understand what appeals to your target audience.

Well-Defined CTA

Creating a strong call-to-action is essential to a successful OTT advertising campaign. Ad viewers need to know exactly what they should do next. Giving potential customers clear directions where to go to get the product or service you are offering is key to a high return.


Automatic content recognition (ACR) technology allows brands to target people who have watched a certain movie or show on TV on their mobile device.

Retargeting results in higher recall, an important factor when it comes to capturing the attention of viewers who may need more than one ad, say mid-game, to have their interest piqued.

OTT Advertising Examples

Looking for examples of successful OTT advertising campaigns? Colormatics has a number of case studies. Here's one example:

FTX and NBA: Udonis Haslem

Udonis Haslem was the obvious choice as the main spokesperson for The Heat partnership. Prince of Miami and now the King of Crypto, UD has deep roots in the Miami community and is passionate about educating his fans about the power of cryptocurrency..

The 30 second, ‘You in, Miami? ad focuses on Miami’s colorful culture. From the domino players to the beach-goers, crypto is for everyone! The 30 second, ‘You in, Miami?’ The commercial aired in FTX Arena during the Miami Heat’s opening night and was shared across social media. Later, the spot took over Miami through broadcast, OTT, digital, and billboards.


Key Takeaways:

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Sports Fans and OTT

The Sports Fan Buyer Persona is typically comprises of individuals who have a strong interest in sports and are willing to spend money to watch their favorite teams and athletes in action. They may be avid followers of particular sports leagues, such as the NFL or NBA, and are often passionate about their home team. Sports Fan personas tend to be younger and more tech-savvy, making them ideal candidates for OTT services, which offer live sports streaming on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. As such, OTT platforms that cater to the Sports Fan persona must provide a seamless and reliable streaming experience, along with access to exclusive content, highlights, and analysis. In short, understanding and catering to the needs and preferences of the Sports Fan Buyer Persona is crucial for the success of any OTT platform focused on sports content.

Short Form Video Content

Short-form video content marketing has witnessed significant growth in recent years, with the rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. These bite-sized videos, typically lasting less than a minute, have become a powerful tool for brands to engage with their audiences. One of the key trends in short-form video content marketing is user-generated content, where brands encourage their customers to create and share videos featuring their products or services. This approach not only amplifies brand reach but also enhances authenticity and social proof. Additionally, the integration of interactive elements, such as polls, quizzes, and challenges, has gained momentum, fostering greater user engagement and participation.

In parallel, the Over-the-Top (OTT) industry has experienced remarkable growth, with an increasing number of viewers shifting from traditional TV to streaming platforms. This has created new opportunities for content marketers to reach and target specific audiences through OTT advertising. Personalized and targeted ad experiences are becoming more prevalent, as advertisers leverage data and analytics to deliver relevant and contextual messages to viewers. Additionally, branded content integration within OTT shows and movies is on the rise, allowing brands to seamlessly weave their products or messages into the content itself. With the growing popularity of OTT platforms, the synergy between short-form video content marketing and OTT advertising presents a powerful combination for brands looking to connect with consumers in a more immersive and personalized way.

Final Thoughts

Marketing has changed drastically over the years and is continuing to evolve. As new tools emerge brands have an opportunity to reach their audience in ways that were once thought impossible or inefficient at best, until now!

Ready to cut the cord? Good thing you’re here. Hit the pink chat box in the bottom right hand corner. We’re happy to walk through our discovery process to make OTT advertising easy.

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