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The Hot Shot of Basketball

As basketball’s 3-point legend, Stephen Curry is recognized as one of the greatest stars in NBA history. He’s also a loving father, husband, entrepreneur, philanthropist, oh, and golfer! Stephen’s owns multiple companies, including his personal SC30 brand and the Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation alongside his wife, Ayesha Curry.

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Curry’s Currency

In late 2021, FTX announced its partnership with Stephen Curry and the race begun for an exciting new campaign. The possibilities were endless for this legendary duo, but with only 6 hours of Stephen’s time and a tight deadline, FTX called on Colormatics to make sh*t happen. 

Jack of all Trades, Master of the Game

Stephen’s known for being an expert on the court, but what about investing in crypto? Plot twist ­­– he doesn’t need to be! With the FTX app, crypto can be safe and easy for everyone; this was the main messaging for our video concept and campaign. Following Stephen throughout a day of outrageous activities, the audience concludes that crypto doesn’t need to be complicated.

Anything But Boring

If there’s one thing we do, it’s our homework. Whether it was scouting locations, arranging test runs, or applying for proper permitting, the one-day video shoot was made possible with a week of pre-production prep. Even a custom-made Bored Ape ice sculpture? Yep, we made that happen too.


The Voice of Reason

After hearing some of the industry's most iconic voices, Shaquille O'Neal was chosen to be the VO of the commercial. Two basketball legends in one video? Now, that's some star power. Even more, Shaq's love of crypto made this the perfect pair.

On Nov 15th 2021, the commercial launched via social media, running during the NBA playoffs and every game of the finals. We also took over Bleacher Report, Draft Kings, and Twitch, garnering hundreds of millions of impressions. Stephen even called it his, "funnest day on set ever.” 


Behind the Scenes

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